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Monday, 9 March 2020


The Summer Camp , Code named  Eurek[c]a  ,is a Maths , Science [ Physics, Chemistry  Biology ] and Artificial Intelligence  exploration programme where the students are taught the Fundamental Principles underlying the aforementioned subjects in a fun filled manner using simple experiments / working models / specimens .It’s not a rote learning method .The theoretical basis of each experiment is explained without much jargon ,but maintaining the required scientific rigor.

The Camp has three sessions – The Exploration Session [ explained above ] ,  the Newbie section – brief introductions to the following topics – Artificial Intelligence + Robotics  , Renewable Energy , Space Exploration and New Age Jobs. The third and culminating section of the camp is an exciting science theme based Quiz [ with exciting prizes ,of course ] , where the student’s answers  are meant to elucidate what they have understood by participating in the camp. The theme will be announced just before the quiz starts – it could be something like a Human base on Mars etc .

When is this camp?

Meant for students of grades 4rth to 9th , from 10 to 1 pm / day , starting from 13 th to 27 th of April 2020 , except Saturdays & Sundays.

Location : Schoolmynd , Ambalamukku Jn ,Trivandrum.

No of students –  Only 15 students , first come first serve basis .

How will this benefit?

They will be able to cover the science + math portions in their school classes in an easier , faster manner and will be able to score higher. The method is tailor made to clarify the theoretical concepts ,means , it will be useful if they are planning to appear for competitive exams in the future like JEE Advanced & Mains , NEET , CAT , GRE etc .

Fees / Student , How to Register

Registration on . Has to fill in a form and pay the fees of Rs 5000 / student .

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