Summer Astro Space Camp for Kids - Competitions and Contests for Indian Students

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Summer Astro Space Camp for Kids

Astro Space Camp Is Designed To Expose Students The Wonders Of Space And Technology
Astro Space Camp is the flagship outreach program of SSERD for school students.

Events & Activities
Ever wanted to design and know more on planes? Students will be designing their own planes by the end of the course. Students are supposed to exhibit their talent in making the proper design and compete. Winners will be awarded!!

Design your machine birds! Showcase your talent by designing the best model!

Parachutes and Recovery
We are going to teach you how to design a parachute!

Satellite & CanSats
Design the CanSat! We will guide you throughout the event! The participants will be guided by our volunteers throughout the event and the student will get a hands on experience.

Participants will understand the working dynamics of rockets – right from the shape and design parameters to the technologies used in the field of space flight. Know more about technologies like Hydro Rocketry and Chemical Rocketry!

3D Printing
A detailed study on the topic is done and we will run through the basics. Participants will get hands on experience on 3D printing and how it works, from the experts

Sky Gazing
Come! Fall in love with the night sky! A detailed observation through the naked eye as well as through telescopes! By the end of the event the participants will be familiar with the night sky!

Sky Charts & Astronomy Software
We will make your astronomy observations much easier! We will guide you through the recently developed user friendly software through which you can familiarize yourself with the night sky smartly!!

Learn about astronomy and the wonderful world of cosmos. We will be teaching basics of astronomy and the techniques and tools required to perform astronomy. By the end of the event

Planets and Constellations
Learn about the planets and constellations and learn how to identify them in the sky!

Movie Under the Stars
We will show any movie, short movie or documentary on space related topic. It will be a wonderful session of recreation.

Guest Talks
Scientists from Various space sectors are invited to give talks. We believe by this way we could create an opportunity for the students to clear their doubts and also this will serve as a motivation for the students to take up science as their career.

AstroSpaceCamp kids
For students from Age 4 - 7
(Day Camp)
Location: SSERD Space Lab, Choodasandra, Bangalore
Date: 11th April 2020 to 15th April 2020
Fees: ₹5,000
EarlyBird Fees: ₹4,000 (First 10 seats)

AstroSpaceCamp Junior
For students from Age 8 - 13
(Residential Camp)

Location: Agastya Innovation Campus, Kuppam
Date: 18th April 2020 to 22nd April 2020
Fees: ₹25,000
EarlyBird Fees: ₹20,000 (First 10 seats)

AstroSpaceCamp Senior
For students from Age 14 - 18
(Residential camp)
Location: Camp Exalt, Dandeli BY Campmonk
Date: 26th April 2020 to 6th May 2020
Fees: ₹65,000
EarlyBird Fees: ₹55,000 (First 10 seats)

Become Space Ready! Be part of the AstroSpaceCamp 2020! Early Bird registrations are open, Only Limited Seats.

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