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Saturday, 14 September 2019

The Environment and Climate Action Mentoring Program (ECAMP)

ECAMP is an unique program to  Inspire & Engage Youth to work towards Environmental Conservation, Climate Action & Sustainability. This Program is designed with Workshops, Field Visits, Mentoring & Networking Sessions. ECAMP is located in Wayanad, an Eco-sensitive zone.

The Environment and Climate Action Mentoring Program (ECAMP) is a combined initiative by AccelerateSD and Rural Agency for Social and Technological Advancement (RASTA). It is supported by various stakeholders.
The goal of ECAMP is to nurture 5000 environment leaders by 2030. ECAMP will eventuate every quarter, with a target of adding 220-250 participants every year.

CAMP will act as a launch pad for people aiming to protect the planet by choosing their careers in the fields of environment conservation, climate action and sustainability. The following are what can be acquired/learnt from ECAMP:
- Gain required knowledge and skills concerning climate change, sustainable solutions, environmental policies, and entrepreneurship
- Connect like-minded individuals across India and from different countries
- Harness communication, debating, advocacy and leadership skills
- Utilize the platform for networking and developing solutions and collaborations

ECAMP is located in Wayanad, Kerala. ECAMP is based in an eco-sensitive zone.

Fee: INR 10,000 for Indian citizens,
150$ for foreign citizens.
Fees cover accommodation, food, workshops, training sessions, field trips and recreational activities.
ECAMP will be providing grants to applicants who are financially weak. The scholarship will be divided into 3 categories: 100%, 50%, and 25% of the program fees.

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