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Sunday, 6 January 2019

“Proud to be an Indian” - Contest by Asianet News

“Proud to be an Indian” - a celebration of the idea of India by Asianet News Network Private Limited.

Indian democracy is noisy, argumentative, troublesome and somewhat, embarrassing at times. But, just scratch this surface of cacophony and you will find the vibrant, throbbing and living heart of a young India that is poised to arrive on the world stage as an influential superpower. The noisy arguments belong to the various voices - of the haves and have-nots, of the majority and the minority, of the young and the old, of man and woman - of an India that is seeking to make herself heard, staking her rightful place under the Indian sun.

All students of Standard VII to XII in GCC.
Registration should be done as a team(2 members)

About the Contest
The test will be on Indian history with special focus on the history of the Indian Freedom Struggle.
The test will be conducted in the second week of January.
The test is for a team of 2 students of the same school. To clarify, each team comprises of two students and both students will take the test together. Hence, please ensure that your chosen team partner is also present on the day of the test.
The test will be an objective type test (not a written test) to be completed within the duration of 1 hour using the OMR (Optical Mark Reader) format
In the event, there is tie between 2 participating teams, a tie-breaker will be conducted by the organisers after conducting an interview.
The results will be announced on the same day after evaluation of the test papers.

Visit http://www.ptbionline.in for further information and registration
Click here for quiz on Indian History for preparation

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