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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Logo Design and Tagline for National Centre for Financial Education (NCFE)

NCFE is now a Section 8 (Not for Profit) Company, incorporated on September 5, 2018. However, since 2013-14, it was being incubated at National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) to implement the National Strategy for Financial Education (NSFE) under the aegis of the Technical Group on Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy (TGFIFL) of the sub-committee of the FSDC (Financial Stability and Development Council).


Should use a maximum of 6 words, either in Hindi or English, and should represent the ambition of NCFE.

Logo Design:

NCFE is looking to design a new logo for NCFE. This will be used in thei website, social media campaigns, print materials, and office stationeries including business diary, letterhead, envelope, pen, etc. The brief is as follows:

Typography, image or combination of both
Maximum of 2 solid colors, no gradients
Should be clean, simple, attractive, on-trend and youthful
Should represent desire to aim high, prosperity, knowledge, and going digital
Should appeal to the eye
Should work as a stand-alone symbol

Technical Parameters:

Participants should send the logo in JPEG or PNG or PDF format only.
Graphical construction of the design in exact proportions in a bigger size, along with final design, theme synopsis and concept is required to be submitted.
The minimum and maximum frame size of the logo for usage may vary from 1 cms X 1 cms to 60 X 60 cms. (Note: The logo need not be square. We are not specifying any geometrical shape.)
The logo should be in high resolution with minimum 300 DPI.
The logo should be designed on a digital platform.
The logo should be usable on the website/social media such as Twitter/Facebook and on printed material such as black and white press releases, stationery and signage.
Participants should not imprint or watermark logo design.
Every entry must be accompanied by a brief explanation (in maximum of 200 words) of the design and how it best symbolizes the vision and mission of NCFE. This write-up too should be uploaded, preferably in PDF format.
Note: Participants to keep the editable/ open file format also ready – this shall be required to be submitted later for the winning entry. During the course of evaluation, contest organizers may ask participants to resubmit their entry in different size(s)/ format(s) etc

Submission Guidelines
All entries must be submitted through email (sandeep.biswal@ncfe.org.in). Entries submitted through any other medium/mode would not be considered for evaluation.

For further details like terms and conditions visit http://www.ncfe.org.in/logo-competition

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