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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Amazone Kindle Direct Publishing Pen to Publish Contest


Who can Participate?
The contest is open to individuals who are the older of 18 years of age or the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry.

Languages: English, Hindi and Tamil

 What are the contest entry requirements?

a.     Individual author: You should be the sole writer of the book.

b.     First publishing: This book should be your original work and must have never been published previously (either in physical or digital format). Translations are not eligible.

c.     Date: You need to publish your entry as an eBook via KDP between 10th November 2018 and 9th Feb 2019.

d.     Keyword: You need to include a keyword pentopublish2018 in the book detailed information. You can add 6 more keywords.

e.     KDP Select: Your eBook needs to be enrolled in KDP Select during contest duration, i.e., from the time of publishing till winners are declared. You can use any of the KDP Select benefits to promote your book while it is enrolled in KDP Select.

f.      Genres: eBooks can be submitted in any genre.

g.     Number of entries: There is no limit to the number of eBooks submitted by an author.

Selection Criteria
The winner will be selected in two phases:

Phase 1: Each eBook will be rated based on the commercial viability of the eBook (including, without limitation, with regards to the eBook’s sales, borrows and customer feedback).

Phase 2: Up to 5 entries will be selected at the end of phase 1 for each language and form combination. These will then be read by our eminent panel of judges and scored to identify the winner.

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