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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

SRISHTI 2019 - CMS CET Coimbatore Student Competitions

CMS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, COIMBATORE is organising SRISHTI 2019,  a platform to identify and applaud the unique talent pool of the student community.

1. Finding Young Scientist.
2. Debate (Malayalam & English).
3. Drawing Competition (Pencil & Painting)
4. Wealth out of waste. ;
5. Essay Competition (English & Tamil).

MAX 4 TEAMS (HS - 1/ HSS - 3) [2 Members per Team]
Projects can be submitted in one of the following four categories
I .Biological & Ecological Sciences
2.Chemical, Physical & Mathematical Sciences
3.Social & Behavioral Sciences
4.Current Technologies.
• Explains the problem and how it impacts them.
• Describes a new innovation or solution that could impact or solve the problem.
• Explains the Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics behind their innovation.
• Illustrates how their innovation could address the everyday problem.

MAX 3 TEAMS (HS - 1/ HSS - 2) [2 Members per Team]
• Effort and creativity are important.
• Materials should be brought by the participants.
• It is a one-hour competition.
• Creates awareness among youth how to reduce, reuse and recycle.
• Materials should be eco-friendly.
• Judging criteria: Presentation, Creativity, Concept and the final look of the product.

MAX 4 MEMBERS [Pencil DrawingHS-l/HSS-1, Painting HS-1/HSS-1]
TOPIC: On Spot [Charts will be provided]
• Acceptable tools of drawing I paintjng include pencil, water color, etc.
• Photographs, wires, and other 3D objects are not acceptable.
• The drawing I painting must not include words or slogans.
• Participant Name & School's name and address must be clearly mentionedon the.back of
poster in the English Language.
• No text (including theme title, name etc) should be written on the front of the poster.

MAX 3 MEMBERS [English HS-1/HSS-1, Tamil HSS-1]
TOPIC: On Spot [Content will be provided]
• Maximum time limit - 30 Minutes.
• Sheets will be provided to participants to write. Participants need to carry their pen or any
other stationary.
• Participants need to ensure that they use good diction with original and interesting idea.
• They must also ensure the content of essay should be versed with the topic and should be
logically organized and written in clear words. Include a purposeful conclusion.
• Quotations should be acknowledged in the reference.

MAX 4 TEAMS {English HS.-1/HSS-l, Malayalam HS-1/HSS-1] 4 Members per Team
• Each team will have 5 Minutes to prepare before speech.
• Duration of a Speaker should be 5 Minutes or 7 Minutes max.
• Questions should primarily focused on arguments developed in the speech of your opponent.
• Once the questioning has begun, neither the questioner nor his opponent may consult colleague.
• A void Repetition of points.

For further details and registration contact
Email id: cmssrishti [at]
Contact: +91 9688394333 (W) I +91 9688494333

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