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Thursday, 27 December 2018


CyberFest 2019 is a second edition of Cyber Premier League conducted in the year 2018 at Maharishi International Residential School. This time with the added features, Cyberfest is coming to unite all the like minded people in Robotics and Automation field to learn and educate themselves. This event brings young Roboteers from almost 50+ schools in and around Chennai to exhibit and compete with their own talents.

The competition is categorized into 3 different zones based on the grades. The zones are as follows,
 Zone 1 - A maze Challenge
Grade: 4 & 5
Team Size: Maximum 2 students per team
Fee: Rs.600 per student
 Zone 2(a) - Line Follower Robot(for Grades 6 & 7)
Grade: 6 & 7
Team Size: Maximum 2 students per team
Fee: Rs.600 per student
 Zone 2(b) - Sumo Robot (for Grades 8 & 9)
Grade: 8 & 9
Team Size: Maximum 2 students per team
Registration Fee: Rs.600 per student
 Zone 3 – Project Expo (for Grades 9 & above)
Grade: 9 & Above
Team Size: Minimum 2 & Maximum 4 students per team
No Registration Fee

Last Registration Date: 5th January 2019

For details click here

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