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Saturday, 3 November 2018

KPMG Innovation and Collaboration Challenge (KICC)

Enjoy solving problems? Have great business ideas? Like to make an impact?

The KPMG Innovation and Collaboration Challenge (KICC) is the ideal platform for interested students like you to connect with us early in your pursuit of a successful career by exhibiting your ideation and presentation abilities on a global platform.

What’s in it for you?

You will be provided with real world business scenarios and will be challenged to innovate, disrupt and transform your ideas into cutting edge solutions and present to an expert jury of KPMG leaders.
All this will be made possible through collaboration with your team and constant mentorship and coaching by KPMG professionals up to the international grand finale. Our national winners will fly to Buenos Aires in April 2019, to compete against students from all over the world.

Additionally, in the past, students who have demonstrated high potential have been offered pre-placement opportunities with KPMG in India.

Registration (Till 8 November 2018): Once your institute’s representative receives our invitation, register in a team of four. Based on the challenge displayed on the site, submit your idea in less than 500 words along with a 90 second idea description video (YouTube/Google drive link to be attached in the document) latest by 3 November 2018. Click here to register.
Semi-finals (7- 8 December 2018): Teams with top 24 ideas will undergo an ideation workshop and based on their learnings, enhance their solutions and present them to the jury for further selection.
National finals (8- 9 February 2019): Top six teams from the semi-final round will compete with each other in this penultimate stage of the competition in the country. The winning team gets to represent India in the international finale.
International Grand finale (8- 11 April 2019): This is the grand finale in which you get to compete with high performing teams from countries across the world in a four-day competition. This year’s International grand finale will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in April 2019.

What is the eligibility criteria?

You can sign up for KICC as a team of four members (comprising at least one male and one female member).
You and your team members should be pursuing a full-time Undergraduate/Bachelor’s degree program with at least one year remaining of your studies.
At least one of you should be a student from Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics field (Recommended).

For further information click here

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