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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Camel Art Contest 2018

Kokuyo Camlin, earlier known as Camlin is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of art materials and stationery products in India.
Students from pre-school to 10th standard are invited to participate in 5 clearly divided groups. Each group receives an exciting and relevant topic every year. Every entry competes at the school level. The winners of school level then move to a regional level and finallycompete at a national level. Since schools are very important in making this contest possible, the schools with best performance at the regional and national level are honoured with trophies.


Group A
Kindergarten (below Std. 1st)
My Family- Being with family is always fun and joyful. Whether its home or at picnic. Make your fun filled family time come alive with camel colour
Group B
My Favorite School
(Std 1st & 2nd )
School days are always memorable, Whether its play school/primary school or art school. Bring back those memories with vivid colours

Group C
My Hobbies
(Std 3rd & 4th)
Hobbies are part of you, they are your own idea of creative learning, which gives you immense pleasure and joy. May be a sport or collecting things, reading or how you can make learning easy through your artwork

Group D
(Std 5th & 6th)
Festivals unite people of diverse types, among them are regional/commerce fairs, tood, arts, folk and religious festivals and many more to celebrate, which could be depicted in an array of colours

Group E
Train Journey
(Std 7th till 9th)
Train journeys are fun. We meet people from all walks of life and spend time with family while looking at beautiful scenes pass by from the train window. The child is free to draw an account of his favourite train journey, and don't forget platforms are also very exciting
Group F
Person who I admire
(Std 10th till 12th)
From parents to friends, and from sports players to scientists . Be it a Kalpana Chawla or Dr Abdul Kalam. We all admire someone in our life, and try to follow them. Let's draw the person you admire and fill with colours

How to Participate
Schools can register for the contest at

  • AICCC / Camel Art Contest entry labels are available in specific products of Camel Student & Premium Colour Range.
  • •Please ensure a completely filled AICCC / Camel Art Contest entry label is pasted at the back of the painting.
  • Originality and creativity is appreciated. Copying and colouring pre-printed drawing is not acceptable.
  •  Winning paintings at the Primary level are eligible for Zonal level judging.
  •  Prominent artists and educators would form the Jury at Zonal level. Zonal winners would go for Grand Finale level judging where child psychologists will also be on the jury.
  • Schools with highest participation and best performance at the Zonal and Grand Finale level would be honoured with trophies 
  • Results of Zonal level and winning paintings of Grand Finale level would be hosted on the microsite
Direct entry is also possible for the contest. Click here for direct registration

Grand Finale (Prize and Certificates)
• 1 each of First, Second and Third prize
• 5 to 15 Appreciation prizes in each group
Zonal Level Prizes (Prize and Certificates)
• 1 each of First, Second and Third prize
• 5 to 15 Appreciation prizes in each group
Primary Level Prizes
(Prize and Certificates)
1% of participants will be selected for the Zonal level judging and will receive the prizes.
Popular Choice Awards- All the Grand Finale award winning entries would be showcased on the website for people to appreciate and vote for there favourite one in each group.
The top vote grossers would be awarded with 'Popular Choice Award' trophies.


  1. Hi, I received the THIRD zonal prize for the group f in Punjab region. Kindly tell what was included in the prize.

    1. Congratulations! The prizes will be given by the organisers. Please contact the organisers for information


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