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Friday, 28 September 2018


Armed Force Personnel Consultancy & Services Pvt Ltd are going to organise "SHINING INDIA SUPER 100 ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION 2018 (SISHEWC-2018)" as Second Edition after successful conduct of its first Edition "SHINING INDIA SUPER 50 ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION- 2017 (SISFEWC-2017)". 

The aim of Shining India Super 100 Essay Writing Competition is to bring out the talented students forward and inspire them to achieve their Aim. It can also have several benefits for its participants, particularly because it can enable students to win money to help them for further education. It also promotes the development of writing skills and may encourage a healthy sense of competition and a commitment to excellence among the students. Good writing and critical thinking skills are important to success in school, in employment and in life.

Following prizes will be distributed to the participant of The Shining India Super 100 Essay Writing Competition 2018 :-
(a) Cash Prizes 1st Position- Rs 50,0001-, 2"d Position 30,0001-, 3rd Position -15,0001- and up to
Top 100 participants Rs 5,000/- each Category.
(b) Medal & Certificate of Excellence for Top 100 participants each Category.

 Class /Age
Medium (Hindi/English)
Length in words
upto 5  
Hand Written                
Topic as per Choice
6 to 8
Hand Written/ Typed
If I would be the Prime Minister of India
9 to 10
Hand Written/ Typed
Death of Former PM Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji : End of an Era

11 to 12
Hand Written/ Typed
Jammu Kashmir and Armed Forces of India

Hand Written/ Typed
Modi Sarkar (NDA Govt) as a Success or Failure of India
Scoring I Point System :- Content (The purpose of topic is discussed clearly), Organization (The writing flows logically with clear structure), Data & Graphics (To be supportive of the argument), Standard (Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation) these all points will be considered while checking the Essay.

Registration. Interested participants can visit on the website for
registration in SISHEWC-2018 block or send the following details in a prescribed form along with a Demand Draft I Cheque amounting to Rs 300/- (all categories) on the name of Armed Force PC & S Pvt Ltd :-
(a) Name (b)S/o , (c) Address
(d) Class (e) Date of Birth (f) Contact No
(g) Email ld (h) Category I/II/III/IV/V i) One passport size photographs.

All the participants are hereby advised to send their Essay by Email or by Post at above address or on
Area Office ARMED FORCE PERSONNEL CONSULTANCY & SERVICES PVT LTD, 2"d Floor, E-81,Rameshwar Park, Near Jagmohan Hospital, Loni, Gaziabad-201102 along with Registration I Payment details (DO No I Cheque No I Electronic Payment 10) and contact details before 31 Oct 2018 as the prize distribution ceremony to be held on 14 November 2018 (Childrens Day).

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