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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

ICPE All India School Contest

All India School Contest hosted by Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment (ICPE).
ICPE is a voluntary organization registered under the Societies Act. Our principal agenda is to address environmental issues related to use of plastics and promote waste management in India with focus on plastic waste. 

This All India Contest is to encourage children to think about their environment; their roles and responsibilities in protecting it. Students are invited to offer their perceptions and suggestions on how we could achieve a cleaner environment with responsible use of plastics and management of plastic waste.

The contest covers following thematic questions:
1. Are plastics really harmful to environment?
2. Are there viable alternatives?
3. Have plastics improved our quality of life?
4. Creative use and reuse of plastics.
5. How plastic waste can be better managed?

Students are invited to respond to the above questions either in a written form or by an audio visual clip or with posters as per their choice.

They are encouraged to visit ICPE website www.icpeawareness.in specially created for this Contest providing background material.

Who can participate in the Contest? - Any present student of the School

Submission of response document:
 Written: Within 4 pages of A/4 size paper (Times New Roman Font size 12)
 Audio Visual Clip / Presentation: Within 3 minutes duration &10 MB size.
 Poster / Artwork: Poster size ‘A3’. A brief description of the work with not more than 50 words.
The documents may be uploaded in ICPE website www.icpeawareness.in . Written document / Artwork may also be sent by post to ICPE address. The student has to select only one mode of response (written / audiovisual / artwork).

Last Date: 31 August 2018


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