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Monday, 16 July 2018

Camlin CAF Art Contest

Launched in 1998, Camel Art Foundation aims to celebrate and sustain the key role that art plays in the enrichment of our lives. This philanthropic wing of Kokuyo Camlin Limited, set up to promote and spread the language of art, has spearheaded a wide range of activities that include a wide range of promotion programs.

Rules for the Contest
1. The registration will be ONLINE ( link camel art foundation). Last date of entry is 31st December, 2018.
2. Participants must be 18 years and above to enter this contest & choose ANY ONE category - student or professional.
3. There are four mediums - Oil, Acrylic, Water and Drawing & Pastels. Entry is FREE and you may send unlimited entries in any I all mediums.
4. Each entry should be on separate online entry form. The submission must have high resolution digital image of entry Upeg format, minimum 300dpi
and not exceeding 3 MB).The digital image file name will be the title of painting.
5. The painting should not be retouched and NO OTHER DETAILS should appear on it.
6. Professionals must attach scanned copy of their PAN CARD.
7. Students must submit scanned copy of valid Identity Card of institute or letter from the artist from whom they are learning.
8. All entries sent for the contest must be bona fide works of the artists and executed after May 2017.
9. The submitted paintings should be prepared solely for the purpose of this contest and any painting that has been exhibited in any competitive
contest and I or exhibition shall be disqualified.
10. The actual size of painting should be above 30 x 30 centimeters WITHOUT FRAME.
11. Professional and Student National Winners will be declared after portfolio submission and telephonic I SKYPE interview.
12. The national prize will be a sponsored EuroArt Tour for 1·8 professional and student winners.
13. EuroArt Tour will be for 7- 10 days to any art centric location during May to July 2019
14. National Best Entry student winners will receive Camel product prizes worth MRP ' 21 ,000 each.
15. National Winners and Exhibits will be informed by email/ phone call during Feb-Mar 2019.
16. Trophy and certificate will be hand delivered I couriered to National Winners in 2019.
17. The entries selected in final judging will be exhibited ONLINE and offered for sale unless otherwise mentioned by the artist in the entry form.
18. The awards are not encashable or transferable.

For more Details Contact
West (Head Office): Customer Support I Mr. Vijayan Nambiar Tel: 02266557007 I Ms. Nirja Mehta Tel: 022 66557000, Ext. 257.
East: Ms. Susmita Mukharjee Tel: 033-22159322/22157164, Tel: 033-22159322/22157164
North: Ms. Sunita Gulati Tel: 011 - 25720327/25825227/25825229
South: Customer Support- 022 66557007 I Email:

Link to organiser's website

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