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Tuesday, 22 May 2018 Name Contest for Parcel Directorate of Department of Posts

Department of Posts, with the brand name India Post, primarily offers to the citizens Mail Services, Financial Services (banking and money remittance) and Insurance services besides a host of other products such Philately, Retail Services, Aadhaar enrollment updation, Post office Passport Sewa Kendra etc. Amongst the various services that the India Post offers, mail (including parcels) form the core business and continue to be one of the focus areas.

Traditionally, India Post has handled mail, comprising primarily of documents and a significantly low volume of parcels. In order to improve the efficiency and visibility, mail operations for unaccountable and accountable mail (such as Speed Post, Registered Post) have been streamlined over the previous years. While the optimization of the mail network was carried out, the parcels continued to be handled as usual without any special focus. Though parcel hubs were created as a conscious decision to ensure efficiency in parcel processing, the broad principles for handling mail (documents) continued to be applied to the parcel processing. However, over the years particularly with the advent of exponential growth of e-commerce market in India, it has been observed that network and processing/handling requirements for parcels are different from letter mail (documents). At present, India Post offers the following parcel services:
(A) Premium Parcel products (having air transmission)
i. Speed Post
ii. Express Parcel

(B) Standard Parcel products (having surface transmission)
i. Registered Parcel
ii. Business Parcel

As part of revamping its parcel business, the Department had undertaken a project to re-organize its parcel functions. As part of the project, Department had taken certain steps to address the needs of the parcel specific requirements ranging from network, strengthening, processing hubs, delivery centres, ensuring security, etc.. It is expected that these steps will help the Department in increasing its market share.

Further, Department has recognized the need for shoring up its parcel business which is the future of the Department in the mail segment, riding over the growth in the e-commerce sector and bulk parcel business segment. Accordingly, India Post has set up a new Directorate which will focus on all categories of parcels. The Parcels Directorate will have commensurate freedom in taking financial and operational decisions. It would comprise a unified sales & marketing division with built-in agility in product designing, pricing, discounts etc. and an operational team for visibility/control on field operations. The newly created parcel Directorate shall be headquartered in Delhi.

Department has also decided to suitably name the Directorate for parcels by calling for the entries from the citizens of the country.

Last date of submission is 30th May, 5:00PM

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