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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Kidovators Critical Thinking Olympiad

Kidovators is the world’s first 21st Century Skills platform for school students. Through dedicated programs for 21st century skills such as creativity, innovation and critical thinking including annual courses, spotlight challenges, learning feed and more, Kidovators is working towards empowering over 1,000,000 school students with 21st century skills by 2025. Kidovators also conducts the world’s first Olympiads on creativity and critical thinking as well as works closely with schools to empower educators & parents with the knowledge of 21st century skills. With the world moving towards automation at an accelerated speed aided by advances in artificial intelligence, Kidovators is ensuring that school students are skilled for their future, not our past.


For Classes: 5 to 10

Time Duration: 60 minutes

Total Marks: 50 Marks

Topic of Test:Critical Thinking (bringing out of box solutions / answers)

Medium of Test: English only

Regional Finals

Who will participate in Regional Finals: 
Top 100 students in each class nationally as well as Top 2 best performing students from each school (can be from any class) will participate in the Regional Finals.

Prospective Locations: Ahmedabad | Bangalore | Bhubaneswar | Chennai | New Delhi | Mumbai

What will happen in the Regional Finals:
Students will be given individual & group tasks testing their creative or critical thinking capabilities.

Grand Finale

Who will participate in Grand Finale: 

Top 25 performing students in each class from Regional Finals will be invited to participate in the Grand Finale.

Location: Bangalore

What will happen in the Grand Finale: 

Participants in the Grand Finale will be given a number of challenging tasks focused on solving problems through their creative and critical, out-of-box thinking.

Award Ceremony:
The Grand Finale will conclude with the Award Ceremony for students, schools, principals and teachers.

TEST DATES (choose any one):

Option 1: 10th October, 2018
Option 2: 31st October, 2018

Last date of Application Submission: 15th September, 2018

Rules and Regulations

A) Minimum of 100 students should be registered from a school.

B) Round 1 test is to be conducted within the school premises on the date of test chosen by school.

C) Once date of test is chosen by school and mentioned in School Registration Form, it cannot be changed.

D) The following documents should be submitted for consideration of a school’s participation:

iv. ATTESTED SCHOOL FEE document (for budget / affordable schools)

E) Payment can only be made through a single demand draft (DD) or online transfer to our account.

F) The documents along with DD (for DD payment mode) must be received at our office by the registration deadline. In case, payment is made online, please email the ‘Transaction ID’.


All India Rank 1 (6 nos) : INR 15000 scholarships +Trophy
All India Rank 2-3 (12 nos) : Scholarships and Trophy
All India Rank 4-25 (132 nos) : Cash Prize, Gold/Silver medal  
All India Rank 26-600 (450 nos) : Bronze medal and certificate

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