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Sunday, 11 March 2018

The WOW design competition 2018

2018 Competition
The WOW design competition is open to anyone over the age of 18, as at 28 March 2018.
Visit to view the full Terms and Conditions of entry.
To enter the World of WearableArt competition, you must first register as a designer via

Step 1
Submit your intention to enter online. You will be required to state how many garments you intend to enter and into which sections.
Closes 28 March 2018

Step 2
Compulsory pre-selection for first-time New Zealand entrants* and ALL International entrants.
Designers are required to upload photos of completed entries online, for the judges’ consideration.
• International deadline: 28 March 2018
• New Zealand deadline: 14 May 2018

Step 3
Complete the final step of the online entry process and send entry to Nelson, New Zealand.
Designers are required to upload photographs of completed entries, input all required
information online, and print and sign the Terms and Conditions to send to Nelson,
New Zealand with their entry.
Deadline for entry hand-in - entries must arrive at the World of WearableArt headquarters
in Nelson, New Zealand by 5.00pm 18 June 2018

Mainfreight sponsored freighting is available for WOW designers from selected New Zealand and international depots. Visit website for more information.

WOW Awards & Prizes
The 2018 WOW Design Competition offers over $170,000 in prize money.

Supreme WOW® Award
Dame Suzie Moncrieff Award
Section Prizes
First Time Entrant Award
Student Innovation Award
Sustainability Award
Wearable Technology Award
New Zealand Design Award
International Awards
Weta Workshop Emerging Designer Award
Cirque du Soleil Invited Artisan Award

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