The Rookies Awards 2018 - Competitions and Contests for Indian Students


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Sunday, 11 March 2018

The Rookies Awards 2018

The Rookies – sponsored by Autodesk – is an annual awards and mentor platform open to young creatives in film, animation, games, VR, motion graphics and architecture visualisation.

Open for submission 7th March 2018
Entries close 31st May 2018.
Finalists announced 21st June 2018.
Winners announced 7th July 2018.
Dates mentioned are at 11:59 pm on the date in question.
All dates are based on GMT.

Each category is targeted towards a specific industry. There can often be a small amount of overlap so please use the examples as a guide.

  • Feature Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Digital Illustration
  • Game Development
  • Virtual Reality
  • 3D Motion Graphics
  • Product Visualisation
  • Architecture Visualisation
  • Film of the Year - 2D Animation
  • Film of the Year - 3D Animation
  • Film of the Year - Visual Effects
  • Game of the Year PC & Console
  • Game of the Year VR/AR
  • Game of the Year Mobile

To enter The Rookies (THE ROOKIES) you (the Artist) must:
  • be 18 years or older.
  • Be able to show proof that you have studied, or are currently studying at a certified university, school, or online training facility between January 2017 and May 2018.
  • create an entry page and upload examples of your work to
You (the Artist) are NOT allowed to enter The Rookies if:
the organisers feel you have too much professional experience and training in any creative field that puts you at a distinct advantage over first time graduates and students.

To apply for a Studio Internship or School Scholarship you (the Artist):

Must be a LOCAL NATIONAL eligible to work in the location you select.
Must NOT require any immigration VISA’s to legally work in the country you select.
Must NOT require sponsorship from a Studio to legally work in the country you select.
Must be able to attend a Studio Internship in the second half of 2018, or otherwise determined by the Studio

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