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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Beamline for Schools 2018 – Be a scientist!

BEAMLINE FOR SCHOOLS is an official competition powered by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland. It is open for all high-school students around the world.

The competition invites teams of high-school students to propose a scientific experiment that they want to perform at CERN. First prizes for two winning teams is a trip to CERN to carry out their proposed experiments on a fully-equipped accelerator beam line. There are additional prizes for short-listed teams and certificates for all participants.

Be inspired and take part in hands-on scientific experiments on-site at CERN, a world-leading international research institute! CERN offers a great opportunity for students to learn, make new discoveries and apply their knowledge into new settings.

Did you ever wonder what it is like to be a scientist? If you’re up for a challenge, the BL4S competition is your chance to experience it. Any high school students from all around the world can join the adventure.

Jump into the world of particle physics and think of a simple and creative experiment. You are not alone, if you need assistance, contacts can support you. Don't miss it and take part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

The BL4S competition is intended for students around the 15-19 age bracket who, at the time of submitting their entry to the competition, are either:
currently attending a secondary/high school; or
who were recently (i.e. within the last six months) attending such a school AND who are not yet enrolled in a university/college or other type of formal further education.

In this context, participants should note that under the applicable safety rules in force at CERN, only students aged 16 and above are allowed on CERN's premises to conduct experiments. Accordingly, only those members of a winning team who are 16 years old at the time of their visit will be able to enter the CERN site for the Competition. We appreciate Participant’s understanding that our rules reflect international safety standards and as such there is no flexibility on this issue.

A chance to win a trip to CERN and conduct a student-led particle physics experiment at the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. Before coming to CERN the winning teams will have the opportunity to work together with CERN scientists on their ideas on how to use the beam line and plan out a particle physics experiment. For short listed teams there will be additional prizes - to be announced soon. All participants will receive a certificate.

How to Enter
Go to the competition webpage and follow the instructions you’ll find there. Remember, you must submit your written proposal and video by midnight CET on 31 March 2018.

The Team
Students can be from a single school, from multiple classes, from different schools or even countries. Each team has to have at least 5 members and has to be represented by an adult coach.

The minimum number of members in a team  is 5. There is no upper limit but for the winners a maximum of nine students may come to CERN, with two adults acting as coaches. Data transmission and web link-ups will allow additional students to participate and analyse data remotely.

The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2018.

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