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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

GeoGenius 2018 Project Work Competition

It is known that children have various learning styles. They build their knowledge on varying backgrounds and experiences. It is also recognized that children have a broader range of capabilities than they have been permitted to show in regular classrooms with the traditional text-based focus. The oldschool model of passively learning facts and reciting them out of context does not give sufficient exposure. Working on big project requires that students have both fundamental skills (reading, writing, and presenting) and New Generation skills (teamwork, problem solving, research gathering, time management, information synthesizing, utilizing high tech tools). With this combination of skills, students become directors and managers of their learning process, guided and mentored by a skilled teacher and hard working parent.

Topic – Exploring India
Eligibility -
Students studying in Class 2 to 10 in any school within India in any State/National or International Board curriculum. Project submission should be in English language only.
Project type -
 Handwritten project (Golden embossing) Print your Name, Class, School, Your City/State and Year 2018 on the cover page. Please note that we are looking at good quality content than creative decorations.
Project Scope -
 Minimum 1 and Maximum 4 page details each for All States and Union territories in India.
 Add an Outline map for every State / U.T. and mark Major cities & tourist places, State Capital, airports and sea ports, rivers lakes and other water bodies, Mountain peaks, Hill stations points, Forests, beaches, any other important places/sites/monuments.
 The project should not exceed beyond 140 pages (insert page numbers at the bottom of every page
including the outline map page).
 Please also mention details of specific references used at various places for the project.
 Please add the Introduction Page and Index Page with page numbers for all States/Union territories.

For every State/U.T. students are expected cover the below details -
1. Outline map marked with details mentioned in project scope above.
2. Brief Introduction - History/Geography/Culture of the state/U.T.
3. Important Airports, Sea Ports, Railway stations in the state/U.T.
4. Best time to visit the state and Why. Give weather details during this period along with important
activities/sites that tourists would normally cover. Mention whether the State/U.T. is famous for Adventure tourism, Wildlife tourism, Medical tourism, Pilgrimage, Eco tourism, Heritage or Cultural
5. State/ U.T. - Animal, Bird, Fruit, Tree, Sport, Flower
6. Festivals & Fairs, Costumes, Cuisines, Shopping info of the state/U.T.
7. Famous Destinations/Cities in the state/U.T.
8. Adventure & Sports in the state/U.T.
9. Beaches in the state/U.T.
10. Caves and Forts in the state/U.T.
11. Heritage sites & palaces in the state/U.T.
12. Forest & Wildlife in the state/U.T.
13. Rivers, Lake, water bodies, Hot water springs in the state/U.T.
14. Museums in the state/U.T.
15. Religious & Spiritual places in the state/U.T.
16. Hill stations in the state/U.T.
17. Important news, current affairs & geographical events in the state/U.T.
18. Any other important information not covered in above points pertaining to the state/U.T.

Registration Fees & Submission Date -
 Registration Fees Rs. 500 per student. Last Date for Registration is 31st October 2018
 For registrations please email us at
 Please submit your project before 31st December 2018

Rewards & Recognition –
 Personalized memento cum Certificate of Excellence will be rewarded to all Approved projects. Reserve few seats for the project winners in our 2018-19 National Finals competition for these students.

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