Monday, 1 January 2018

The Educationalist couple Col Prof. Vel. Dr. R. Rangarajan and Dr. Mrs. Sagunthala Rangarajan have passionately introduced Vel Tech Mahatma Gandhi National Merit Scholarship Scheme with the prime objective to provide affordable world-class education to aspiring students irrespective of their financial means.
 Since its first award in 2009, veltech has bestowed 9500 scholarships worth approximately Rs.30 Crore until 2017.

The Scholarships offered are based on PCM/BPC aggregate scored by the Student

A student who scores Above 95% will be eligible for 75% Scholarship in the Tuition Fee.
A student who scores between 90 – 94.9% will be eligible for 50% Scholarship in the Tuition Fee.
A student who scores between 80 – 89.9% will be eligible for 25% Scholarship in the Tuition Fee.
A student who scores between 70 – 79.9% will be eligible for 10% Scholarship in the Tuition Fee.
Top rank holders in PCM/BPC from each State are acknowledged and awarded with 100% scholarship in their tuition fee.

Scholarship for VTUEEE 2018
Scholarships will be offered based on the Rank Scored by the student in VTUEEE exam. Top 20 Rank holders will get 75% scholarship in Tuition Fee, Students who score between Rank 21 to 500 will be eligible for 50% scholarship in Tuition Fee.

Last date: January 15, 2018

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