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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Name, Logo and Design Contest for Integrated Ticketing System (ITS) Mumbai

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) plans to introduce an Integrated Ticketing System (ITS) Smartcard which can be used across all public transport systems in MMR. Currently Mumbai has 14 different Public Transport Operators- like Suburban Railways, BEST, Metro, Monorail, NMMT- each with their own ticketing system. Passengers have to buy separate ticket for each operator, stand in long queues to buy tickets, recharge smartcards and get refunds. The proposed system will reduce the ticketing queues, make it easier for customers to purchase tickets and use across all the modes as well as stay connected with the transport services through a common facility mobile app.

The ITS brand will include the following key categories:
i. Name of Mumbai ITS Card: This will be the brand name of ITS in Mumbai. Like many cities in India have branded smartcards – e.g. Kochi 1 in Kochi, Janmarg Card in Ahmedabad, Maha Card in Nagpur, MMRDA seeks to identify a ITS Brand which will become the symbol of integrated transport and ticketing in Mumbai.

ii. Logo for Mumbai ITS System: The Logo will serve as the symbol of Mumbai transport services and the design of the Smart Card will be adopted for printing new smartcard for common mobility facilities.

iii. Design for overall Smartcard assimilating the above: Smartcard design means how the smartcard will look like. It is envisaged that the design will reflect the spirit of Mumbai and its transportation.

The selected logo & design would be widely used across Mumbai for marketing and promotional activities across newspapers, hoardings and television ads.

Thus, MMRDA invites all citizens to participate in designing the Brand Name, Logo and Smart Card for the flagship Integrated Ticketing Scheme.The winners will be selected by an independent panel of experts comprising of officials from major transport operators and experts from reputed design institutes.

Prize: Rs. 25,000 (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand Only) for the winner, in each category, and Rs. 15,000 (Rupees Fifteen Thousand) for the runner-up in each category.

Last date of submission: 21st Jan, 2018

Further information and submission click here

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