Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Urban development is a constantly evolving concept. Tourism being largest job creating Sector in the world.Originally focused on spatial, security, and sanitation issues, urban development has come to include an economic dimension, aimed at increasing a city’s attractiveness and international visibility. In a global economy, cities compete to attract talent, investors, events and tourists. Cities are facing competition on an international scale. It is felt that a successful city brand for Mysuru can stimulate:
• increased competitiveness, resulting in a positive impact on investment, jobs, inhabitants, visitors and events;
• higher returns on investment in real estate, infrastructure and events;
• coherent city development, as the physical, social, economic and cultural aspects combine to deliver the brand promise;
• Pride in the city as the inhabitants, businesses and institutions experience a new sense of purpose and direction.
With this background ,District Administration, Mysuru Dist ,Government of Karnataka (GoK) intends to build a brand for Mysuru through an Open Competition.

Eligibility: Any Indian national

The proposed Brand for Mysuru:
• Should encompass Mysuru’s core values, characteristics, aspirations and truest distinctions.
• Establish the insights into the needs of global audiences.
• Be a big idea that can surprise, inspire, and distinguish it for years to come.

Submission of entries

Entries can be submitted only through Email to the Email ID The last date for submission of entries 09.02.2018, the submission must contain JPEG/PNG file of the logo ONLY (with clear/transparent background) and PDF file containing: Page-1 - Personal Details (Along with Photograph & copy of Residential Proof): Full Name Firm/Company (if applicable) Full Address City State Date of Birth Mobile No. email and Logo & Rationale: Logo<> Rationale in both Kannada and English (in notvmore than 50 words)
Any further clarification required can be obtained from
Government of Karnataka
#2, JLB Road, MYSURU –
Telephone: 0821-24422096



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