Wednesday, 3 January 2018 invites entries to their International Short Story Contest 2018.

Contest is open to students of 7 to 16 years all over the world

a. Sub-junior (7-9 years)
b. Junior (10-12 years)
c. Senior (13-16 years)

Length of Story
a. Sub-junior – 300-500 words
b. Junior – 500-700 words
c. Senior- 700 -1000 words

Contest Rules
Entry is free.
Medium is English
The theme of the short story is your choice.
Drawings, photos, or any other graphics are not allowed.
Only one entry is accepted per person.
The upper limit can be exceeded in all categories.
Proof of age is required (scan or take a photo of your birth certificate/identity card/certificate from school/health record/school record).
Send your story and the proof of age as attachments to
Mention the following information below your story:
a. Name
b. Age
c. Category entered
d. Title of your story
e. Word count (including the title)
f. Email address parent's/teacher's email address can be used here if necessary)
g. Phone number (optional)
h. School name
i. Country

First prize – $75, certificate, and publication on the website
Second prize-$50, certificate, and publication on the website

Third prize-$25, certificate, and publication on the website

Further information visit website at



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