CLASSMATE SPELLBEE SEASON 10 - Competitions and Contests for Indian Students


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Thursday, 11 January 2018


Students of Class 5 to 9

There are 4 levels
Level 1: School Level
Level 2: City Finals
Level 3: Semi Finals
Level 4: National Finals

Level 1: School Level
Standards V - IX, start gearing up! This Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) format will test your basic spelling skills. You have to choose the correct spellings of 75 words from the options. Top scorers from each school move to Level 2 (City Finals) of the competition. You are also required to mandatorily fill in your information on a form that’ll be used for all future correspondence.

Online Test
You can now take the test online, provided you fall within the eligibility criteria. Participants who aren’t from the 30 cities that the competition travels to physically can participate through the online test. If your city does not appear in the dropdown, kindly select the city closest to where you reside. Top scorers from the online test also advance to Level 2.

City Finals
The short-listed students will be intimated via the school coordinator or through telephone. In each city, all the winners from all schools will compete together in an online test to be held on pre-decided dates, on The date and time for the test will be communicated to the students in advance. The highest scorers from Level 2 make it to Level 3.

Level 3: Semi Finals
Level 3 is organised on a specific date and place that will be communicated to the shortlisted participants in advance.

Level 3 has 2 rounds.
Round 1: An online MCQ time-bound test for 10 minutes with 60 words. The top 10 scorers from this round progress to Round 2 of the Semi Finals.
Round 2: An online MCQ time-bound test for 10 minutes with 45 words. Students with the Top 16 scores across the country from this round qualify for Level 4 -- National Finals.
Level 4: National Finals
Level 4 has 2 rounds and is televised.

Round 1: Top 16 qualified students are divided into groups of four each. Each group participates in one out of four semi finals .
Round 2: Winners from each of the four semi finals compete in the Grand Finale. Winner of the Grand Finale will be declared the National Champion of Classmate Spell Bee 2018 .

The Classmate Spell Bee Season 10 National Champion wins a cash prize of
RS 2,00,000/-
and an all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C. with one parent to watch the Scripps National Spelling Bee live.

Four National Finalists will win a cash prize of
RS 50,000/- each.

Spellbee Season 10 Schedule
Level Month
Level 1 15th December – 10th February
Level 2 11th February – 23rd February
Level 3 24th February – 28th February
Level 4 4th March – 5th March

Last Date: Feb 5, 2018

Important information
 The student will have to participate in the test immediately after registering on the website without leaving it. After registering a page with instructions and a ‘Start the test’ button will appear. After reading the instructions the student will have to click on the button and take the test. If the student exits the website at any stage after registering and before clicking on ‘Submit’ on the test page he/she will be disqualified.

For registration and further details click here

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