Tuesday, 26 December 2017

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI) is responsible for developing a strong and vibrant food processing industry, to create increased employment and enable farmers to reap the benefits of Modern technology, to create a surplus for exports and stimulating demand for processed food. A strong and dynamic food processing sector plays a vital role in reduction in the wastage of perishable agricultural produce, diversification & commercialization of agriculture, generation of employment and enhancing income of farmers. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries has a clear goal of attaining these objectives by facilitating and acting as a catalyst to attract quality investments from within India and abroad into this sector with the aim of making food processing a national initiative. With this overall objective, the Ministry aims to:

• Enhance farmer's income by better utilization and value addition of agricultural produce
• Minimize wastage at all stages in the food processing chain by the development of infrastructure for storage, transportation and processing of agro-food produce;
• Introduce modern technology into the food processing industries from both domestic and external sources;
• Encourage R&D in food processing for product and process development and improved packaging;
• Provide policy support, and support for creation of Infrastructure, capacity expansion/ Upgradation and other supportive measures form the growth of this sectors;

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI) invites entries to design a logo for the Ministry.

The winning entry will be awarded an amount of Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only).

The last date of submission is 11th January 2018.

The Contest is open to Indian Citizens living across the world.

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