Sunday, 5 November 2017

Space Camp
Space Camp is a realistic and interactive astronaut training experience that exposes Students to math, science, engineering, and technology concepts in a safe, stimulating and encouraging environment
Program Type: NASA Space Camp,
• Location: NASA, United States of America
• Length: 15 Days. Starting August Last week (exact date will be Informed accordingly)

"Gateway to Cosmic Planets on the basis of individual effort and ability"
Step 1 : Choose the Topic Related to Space for writing Essay or making Project .
Step 2 : Send by E.mail ( Student Name, School Name and Address, Class in which he or She is Studying and Subject / Topic for Essay / Project )
Step 3 : If any Changes is there in Subject / Topic then same will be Suggested to You and you also get the Registration Form
Step 4 : Prepare your Submission for Essay / Project
Step 5 : Submit Essay / Project along With Registration Form
Step 6 : SELECTION PROCEDURE (COMMON FOR ALL) : 1) Written Test 2) Interview
Note:- Candidate Scoring above 60 percent in the written exam is considered as Passed.
Step 7 : Departure from India on 27 August, (27 August - 10 September 2018)

NASA Space Camp
Eligibility: Junior Batch - Student from Class 6 to Class 12 are eligible.
Eligibility: Senior Batch - Student studying a bachelor degree in Engineering or B.Sc with physic as a subject with a relevant subject.

Pattern of Test: Based on Submitted Essay/Project, Regarding Model paper E.mail the organisers.
Exam Test Centres: Kolkata. Bhubaneswar. Guwahati, Chennai, Hyderabad. Bangalore, Mumbai,
Ahmedabad, Indore.
Interview Centre : Kolkata. New Delhi , Hyderabad. Mumbai.

The programme is organised by the Shakti Chariot Foundation and Eastern Guilds for Training & Study. For details contact the organisers at the address given below.

G. Secretary Mr Achytu- •91 7003253978
Shakti Chariot Foundation
Eas tern Guilds f or Training & Study
The Legacy, level- 1, 25- A, Shakespeare Sarani,
Kolkoto, 700017, Call :, 033 44000 540
Hotline~ : 0 8981684757 , easternguilds@gmail .com/ info@egts .org,

camp@shaktichariot .in


  1. On which e-mail address I have to mail this address.

  2. what is mail to send information??

  3. Where are the details on which we have to send information

  4. Sir there are two e-mail on which we have to mail detale

    1. You may send the essay to any of the two or both.

    2. Sir will whole easy need to mail
      Or only topic of easy in email

    3. Please visit the website and download application form for details. Link is

  5. Sir,
    I'm completed mechanical engineering......can I take part in its....????

    1. Those who are studying for engineering degree can participate. Further clarification can be had from the organisers

  6. When is the last date to participate

  7. Till which date can we email the essay?

    1. Last date not mentioned by the organisers. Please contact them for information

  8. Sir,please don't mind then please send me the contact no. of the organigers


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