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Friday, 1 December 2017

F3.space Global Web Design Competition

F3.space is a global web design competition that works on the pillars of Form, Function and Flair.
F3.space is run by Radix, a global domain name registry with rights to manage 9 new exciting top level domains - .SPACE, .TECH, .STORE, .ONLINE, .SITE, .FUN, .HOST, .PRESS and .WEBSITE. You can read more about Radix at www.radix.website.

F3.space dares you to the best you're capable of, uninhibited and unhindered, which is why the challenge bears no restrictions or instructions of any kind. There are no topics, no guidelines and no limits except the ones you set for yourself - which, quite honestly, we want you not to. With F3.space, push yourself to think different, then boldly go ahead and do it, too. F3.space is based on three core pillars of design.
Form, Function, Flair.

It's what makes your design stand out with its visual influence. Think of 'Form' as the first impression your design has on anyone.

It's how your web design engages the user. Function decides if the navigation within your website is intuitive yet innovative, blow-away-your-mind exciting or elegantly weaved in.

It's the way your design is unique and original. Flair indicates the skillful blend of Form and Function to manifest your design that is worth getting recognized and applauded globally.

The competition is open to everyone with exception of:

  • Children below the age of 14
  • Employees of Radix Web Solutions Ltd

F3.space aims at applauding and recognising the best Web designers around the world and we have some amazing prizes up for grabs, so there’s no reason not to participate.
win over $30,000 worth of prizes

Grand Prize - $10,000
 Runner up - $5,000

How to Participate - Rules
All websites need to be on a Radix Domain name.
Domain extensions to be used - .TECH, .SPACE, .STORE, .ONLINE, .HOST, .SITE, .PRESS, .FUN and .WEBSITE.
Already have a website on a different extension?
Get a domain for free to register for the competition.

Websites have to be live for the duration of the judging period and should comply with all Terms and Conditions laid out by the F3.space team.

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