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Monday, 13 November 2017

Edu Mithra International Space Olympiad and International Spellbee

ISO 2017-18
International Space Olympiad is an international Quiz competition on Space Science and Technology for students of Grades 5-12. Each year with a mission to excite and encourage talents in the fields of space science and technology and intensify the aptitude of children.

Students studying in Grades 5-12 all over the world can participate in International Space Olympiad 2017-18

International Space Olympiad 2017-18 is designed to have three compelling phases of competition. The top performers of each category gets selected to participate in the next phase of competition.

Junior Category : Grades 5-7.
Senior Category : Grades 8-10.
Super Senior Category : Grades 11-12.

ISO 2017-18 provides sufficient reference guides and online trainings for each levels of competition accordingly.

Last Date of Registration : November 30,  2017

Registration Fee INR 500/- + Tax INR 90/-
The winners of ISO 2017-18 gets a free trip to NASA as Grand Prize!

Click here for further information and registration

Edu Mithra International Spelling Bee

Competition Structure

 International Spelling Bee is designed in such a way as to test the participants regarding their skills in myriad ways. The competition is structured as comprising of multiple levels for different categories. It includes students from all age grows beginning from grade 1 to grade 12. Our venture becomes unique because we feel that language should not be restricted to certain age, so we welcome all officially to take part in this competition irrespective of their age.

Yes, its open to all!

The same structure will be followed through out for the Preliminary, Intermediate and Final level competitions.

Initially we aim at conducting the competition through an online mode which will ensure easy and maximum participation. All you need is a computer and an easy and fast access to the net. As you proceed after each level the degree of difficulty will gradually increase. All the students have to do is, log In to our webpage and register their names. The students who e-qualify the preliminary round will be allowed go on for the next.


Category 1: Grades 1&2

Category 2: Grades 3&4

Category 3: Grade: 5-7

Category 4: Grade 8-10

Category 5: Grade 11&12

International Spelling Bee will be an online competition. It means the candidates can part-take in the competition online and all you need is a computer and internet. The levels of the competition will vary in the degree of difficulty. Students all over the world can register for the International Spelling Bee through the official website. The students have to e-qualify in a preliminary test in order to qualify for the International competition.


Based on the categories of the International Spelling Bee Competition the aspirants should mention to which category they belong and provide details proving their age during the time of verification.

International Spelling Bee Registration Fee INR 350 + Tax

Click here for further information and registration

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