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Sunday, 15 October 2017


The contest is organized by Sverdlovsk regional children's public organization "Lotsman" (“Maritime pilot”) and online magazine "Kid's Club".
We live in a post-industrial, information society. The information in our world is the most important and valuable resource. Journalist - is a person who not only consume, but also creates new flows of information. And to be a creator always honorable. Creators are changing our world!
If you are engaged in a children's press center, work in the school newspaper editorial - welcome to the contest!
Not engaged in anything out of that, but you believe that you can be interesting to tell about some event, journey, book or movie!
If you want to expand your portfolio - participate in the contest will not be superfluous. Materials passed selection (not only the winners) will be published on the website "Kid's Club", which is a registered media.

The age of participants up to 18 years.
Age groups:
1) up to 11 years,
2) from 12 to 15 years,
3) 16-18 years.

To enter the contest you need to fill out an application form and sent your work to email welcome@lotsman.org.

The competition is held in three nominations:
"Text" — work performed in one of the traditional journalistic genres: article, report, interview, review, correspondence, essay etc.. It is recommended to choose a genre according to age of the participant. Older participants should take up the bigger work. ;) The size of work should correspond to the chosen genre, but must be at least 1500 characters (with spaces). The author's illustrations may be attached in separate files (photo, diagrams, drawings).

"Photo" — a photo or series of photos of any genre, predominantly reportage or portrait. It is obligatory to indicate in the application the date and location of shooting, as well as to explain what persons/events you shot. The work in "Photo" nomination can simultaneously be the illustration for work in the category "Text".

Video — a video lasting not more than 20 minutes in the genre of reportage or a story about an interesting place or the journey, about the man (including interview) or on any other topic. It is also allowed the video blog with the speech of the author on any interesting subject, outlining his views or telling about some event. Note: please, provide subtitles for your video!

A special invitation to novice bloggers. Welcome to participate in the competition with the typical "blogger" genres like video blog (or stream) or text online report with pictures.

The timing of the contest: submissions will be accepted until the 10 of January 2018.
The contest results will be announced by March 1 2018 on the website "Kid's Club"

One of the features of the contest - children's reader's jury. Our site is called a "Kid's Club" and published content should be interesting and understandable to children and teenagers. This will assess the children's jury. Anyone under the age of 17 years can apply to be a member of the jury. To do this, fill out the form at the end of the article and write about the desire to welcome@lotsman.org.

Click here to know more and submit your entry

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