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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Junior World Quizzing Championships 2017

 Junior World Quizzing Championship + Reverberate Student Edition 1.0 
The Junior World Quizzing Championships event has been established to support participation at ages prior to the collegiate level.

DateThe Junior World Quizzing Championships will take place on Saturday 16 September 2017 

Open to anyone under the age of 19 years on the date of the quiz. 
The quiz is targeted toward those age 14 to 18, but may be attempted by younger players. 

You’ll have 90 minutes (split into two lots of 45 minutes) to answer 120 questions over a range of subjects. The highest scorer will win the competition. 

The 120 questions will be presented to you in eight papers, each with 15 questions. A player’s total score will be the aggregate of their scores from their best seven papers. Their ‘discarded’ score will be referred to only in the case of a tie (best discarded score wins that tie). If we still have a tie we will look to see who has the best score in any one paper – they win. If needs be we will then refer to the second best, third best, fourth best scores etc. to separate tied players. If two or more players are tied in first place they will each win ‘Gold’. Two ‘Gold’ means no silver medal, three ‘Gold’ means no bronze either.

The papers cover the following subjects, and there will be recognition for the winners of each of these as well as for the overall winner.

Culture: Art, Architecture, Philosophy, and Religion
Entertainment: TV, Radio, Classical and Pop Music etc.
History: Ancient times right up to Current Affairs
Lifestyle: Brands, Fashion, Design, Celebrities, Health & Fitness
Media: Films, Literature, Theatre, Comics and Newspapers
Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Sciences, Zoology
Sport & Games: includes Olympics, Team Sports, Video Games
World: Astronomy, Human and Physical Geography, Travel

If there’s a tie on an individual paper we will compare players’ results, starting at Question 15 and working backwards. Any player who got Q15 wrong loses. If all tied players got Q15 right we refer  to Q14 (and so on) until just one player remains. If two or more players get all 15 correct in a paper, they will each win ‘Gold’. Two ‘Gold’ means no silver medal, three ‘Gold’ means no bronze either.

The finalised venues will be listed on the website of the organisers soon.
You may visit the organiser's website later for registration and venue information. You may contact the host of the venue in your area for registration.
Only 2 centers in India & Kerala is one among them. In Kerala, Junior World Quizzing Championship (JWQC) and the first ever exclusive School Edition of the Reverberate Quiz Festival organised by Zeta Academy of Excellence and powered by Quiz Kerala.
Reg Fee : Rs.100 PER HEAD for JWQC & Rs.50 PER HEAD for other Quizzes.
Venue: VVMHSS Marakkara
Registrations are now open. Last date for Registration is 12th September.
Click here to register

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