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Monday, 25 September 2017

Indian Dental Association (IDA) - All India Poster Competition

Indian Dental Association are proud to announce All India Poster Competition under the banner of Future Dental Professionals Programme, to provide a platform and encourage students to present their original ideas, research and views on a national level.
It provides the budding dental professionals a unique opportunity to :
  • Showcase their knowledge and real-time work at a National level
  • Engage, interact and network with dental students from across India
  • Stand a chance to win IDA AIPC Scholarship worth Rs. 7,000/-.

Abstract shall not be longer than 250 words.
Abstract title must be less than 10 words and express the researches essence
No tables, charts or graphics shall be included in the abstracts.
Abstract body shall not include any indication of the personal details of authors.
Avoid reference to institution names, locations, or funding sources in the abstract.
Only the author is allowed to present his/her abstract at the conference.
Maximum of three co-authors are allowed per abstract.
The authors have to be a member of IDA to be eligible to present the article.
Certificate of participation will be presented to the Co-authors
Only One submission per author is permitted for the competition.
Do not submit on-going studies, or abstract with incomplete result or conclusion.
Abstracts will be rejected if the above rules are not met.
Abstracts shouldn’t be prepared like a presentation type which has been already submitted.
The abstract should not been submitted and accepted at another national or international scientific meeting.

Dental students can apply under any one of the following categories:

Undergraduate dental students (including interns)

Post- graduate dental students

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