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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Doodlers Creative Champ Contest

Terms and Conditions of Doodlers Creative Champ Contest

  • This promotional contest is run and organized by Doodlers Apparel
  • By entering the competition all participants and winners agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions which may be amended from time to time
  • Only one entry will be permitted per tween
  • All entries which are filled up completely will qualify
  • The winners of the contest will be decided on the sole discretion of Doodlers Apparel
  • The winners will be contacted within 3 weeks from the last day of the submission of entries which is 30th September, 2017
  • Top 3 winners will be get Playstation, Ipad Mini & Kindle respectively. 25 entries qualifying in the final shortlisting will win a specially designed Doodlers T Shirt
  • Prizes are non transferrable and cannot be exchanged against cash
  • Doodlers Apparel will not be responsible for the prizes damaged post delivery
  • Doodlers Apparel reserves the right to alter or cancel the competition at their own discretion and at any time.
  • In the event of any dispute the discretion of Doodlers Apparel will be final
  • In the event that the prizes are not available despite Doodlers Apparel’s reasonable endeavors   to procure the prize, Doodlers Apparel reserve the right to substitute prizes of equal value
  • Entries from immediate family members of Doodlers or Doodlers Franchisee will not qualify for the contest
  • All entries received will be considered as IP of Doodlers Apparel and the same can be posted in social media or can get published in print media without the consent of the participant
  • While awarding the prizes the contestant need to provide their proof of identity and their age
  • All entries will be accepted as per the store opening and closure timing of Doodlers Apparel
  • Entries will not be accepted after the last date of submission
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