Friday, 8 September 2017

The Competition is organized by KMRL for the architectural design of two new ferry terminals of Kochi Water Metro. Participants are tasked with creating designs for the new Ferry Terminals at Vytilla and Fort Cochin. The designs should be sensitive to the unique environment in which the terminal will be located, while at the same time, has the potential to become an iconic landmark in its own right.

Key Considerations of design
The successful concept design will demonstrate appropriate consideration of (but not limited to) the following design requirements:
The terminal is the primary entry point to the ferry network.
It is the point where ferry users:
• Board (and alight from) ferries
• Obtain information
• Transfer to and from other methods of transport

Terminal users will arrive as:
• Pedestrian and cycle users
• Inter-model public transport transfers
• Drivers and passengers of private vehicles

Terminals shall be planned with the following basic parameters:
 • The overall appearance of ferry terminals should be bright, clean, efficient and consistent with a modern public transport system providing simple and clearly defined pedestrian and vehicular paths that avoid conflict.
• It is proposed to develop a minimum of one acre of land around the jetty/hub with the a Floor Space Index (FSI) of
1. The property development shall include restaurants, ATMs, play-pools, retail shops, service shops such as cycle repair etc.
• Meet and Greet places and taxi stands (if provided) are placed adjacent to the bus stop, as close as possible to the terminal entry, but without disadvantaging bus transfer.

The competition is open to all.
Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum).
The competition is also open to Architectural firms , Architectural students, schools, and colleges offering architecture/design studies.

Prize money Rs 50, 000/- each for Vyttila and Fort Kochi
1st Runner Up Rs. 25, 000/- each

Registration Opens : 20 August 2017
Submission Closes : 30 September 2017
Jury Evaluation : 05 October 2017
Results : 10 October 2017

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