Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Nathella Vidhyodaya is an educational institution which is part of the renowned Nathella Group, run by the Nathella Sampathu Chetty and Audikesavalu Gupta Trust. The school is co-educational and follows the CBSE curriculum. It is located in a secure 1.5 acre campus in Ambattur, Chennai.

Category Age and Time Limits:

Category A : Age :7 yrs to 9 yrs, Time :3 to 5 mins.

Category B : Age :10 yrs to 13 yrs, Time: 5 to 7 mins.

Category C : Age :14 yrs to17 yrs,Time:7 to 10 mins.

Going over the time limits will incur a 10 point penalty from the overall score of the participants.

Category ABC
Dance(solo and group)Kavithuvam
Vocal Music (solo and group)Gitam/Bajans/
Patriotic Songs
 Tamil Keerthanai/
Varnam/Sangeetha Mumurthigal's Keerthanai
Instruments (solo and group)Gitam/Bajans/
Patriotic Songs
 Tamil Keerthanai/
Varnam/Sangeetha Mumurthigal's Keerthanai

Date of Competition 18.08.2017 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

 All the categories must have parallel theoretical knowledge.
 Judges' decisions are FINAL and cannot be APPEALED.
The School may cancel any category when there is not enough participants entered. You will be notified and entry fees for that category will be returned.
Email the organisers the tracks you intend to use by ....... so that they can create playlists to save time during each category.
 Please bring a USB backup with you to the hall. It is your responsibility to have the tracks playable from a USB drive at the hall. If the organisers do not have your music before the start of the category, a time penalty will be incurred.
 Registeration Fee:
Entry Fee per category  is  Non-Refundable.

  • Classical Dance :Rs250
  • Karnatic Vocal music :Rs200
  • Karnatic Instruments :Rs150.
  • Group (2 – 6 students):Rs1000.

For further details contact :
Nathella vidhyodaya ,
Nsc Street , Venkatapuram,
Ambattur ,Chennai -53.
Ph No:8056157447,9840391222.



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