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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

ZS Young Data Scientist Challenge - 2017

This is an opportunity for you to solve a problem statement, set to provide you a sneak peek into the kind of work done at ZS. The offered problem statement is designed to evaluate:
• How you handle data to pre-process and generate relevant features and insights for modeling
• Your knowledge of machine learning I statistics
• Your proficiency in identifying the right technique to approach the solution
• How you translate the findings from the business context point of view During the challenge, you would be expected to build a model using the provided sample datasetlsl. You're free to use any method or tool of your choice and upload your predictions in the prescribed format.

The challenge will be conducted in two phases:
• Online Challenge
• Offline Data-A-Thon

Online Challenge: You will be given 72 hours to work on a predictive problem. You will be provided past data !Train! and expected to make predictions on future !Test! data. Basis all the submissions we receive, top 40 participants will be invited for Phase 2 of the challenge.

Offline Data-A-Thon: The Phase 2 will be hosted at one of our India offices !Delhi or Pune) on August 4, 2017. You will not only get the chance to brainstorm and solve a Data Science problem, but also have some facetime with our Advanced Data Science Leadership Team. Make the most of it as an avenue to learn more about Data Science opportunities at ZS

OPENS AT: JUL 20, 11:30 PM
CLOSES AT: JUL 23, 11:30 PM

Prizes for Online Challenge
Winner: Apple Mac Book
1st Runner Up: iPhone 7
2nd Runner Up: iPad

Offline Data-A-Thon
Winner: Fitness Band and a Goodie Bag
Goodie Bags for all participants
Top submissions will get Pre-Placement letters along with the Goodie bags

This contest is open to all. However, only the final year students from any discipline of Graduation based in India, are eligible to win cool prizes and Pre-Placement Interview invitations (PPI). In addition to this, the eligible students will also be invited to participate in a Data-A-Thon conducted at one of the ZS India offices.

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