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Thursday, 13 July 2017


The SUPER KID CONTEST is a simple, yet effective competitive questioning methodology developed by the Council for Academic Performance & Evaluation (CAPE) exclusively for pre-primary and primary school students. Designed to be stimulating and fun, it not only provides an accurate reflection of a child's potential and needs but also rewards them appropriately while according the school invaluable insights into each student's capabilities and progression of learning.

Participation & Eligibility Criteria
English Medium students of LKG to Class IV studying in CBSE, ICSE and Kerala State syllabi are eligible.

The syllabus for the SUPER KID CONTEST is drawn from the prescribed curriculum being followed by the school and the class and subjects being studied by the student.
Environmental Studies, Arithmetic, Language skills and Colouring 
Clsses I -IV
Universe, animals, insects, birds, plants, our country, seasons, our body, health & hygiene, water, transport, language, ability, computer, reasoning ability, mathematical ability, creature ability, handwriting etc.

Mode of Examination
Individual Test- LKG EM (Oral) Written Test - UKG to Class IV EM

The examination consists of two parts: (Total marks 100)
Part A- 80 Marks- 60% of the questions will be from the Key Book of the respective classes.
Part B - 20 Marks for colouring. Use wax crayons only.
(Candidates should bring wax crayons for colouring.)

Examination Schedule
Date of Exam: 14th October 2017
Time: LKG: 10.00 am onwards (oral)
UKG - IV : 10.30 am -12 noon
Last date of submission of entry form: 16th August 2017
Declaration of results: January 2018

Categories: Outstanding students across classes are selected and awarded as detailed below:
GOLD : Rs.2501/- + Gold Medal + Merit Certificate + Outstanding School of the
year Trophy to institution represented.
SILVER : Rs.1501/- +Silver Medal+ Merit Certificate
BRONZE : Rs.1001/- + Bronze Medal + Merit Certificate
FIVE STAR : Rs. 401/- +Medal+ Merit Certificate
FOUR STAR: Rs. 301/- +Medal+ Merit Certificate
THREE STAR : Rs. 201/- +Medal+ Merit Certificate
(for those scoring above 90% in LKG & UKG and 80% in Classes I to IV)
BRIGHT AWARD : Medal+ Merit Certificate
(for those scoring above 80% in LKG & UKG and 70% in Classes I to IV
MERIT AWARD : Merit Certificates
(for students scoring above 60% in LKG to Class IV)
Consolation Certificate is provided to all students participated.

For further information
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Email : I Web :


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