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Texas Instruments in collaboration with Department of Science and Technology (DST) proudly announce the DST & Texas Instruments India Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2017 anchored by NSRCEL, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) and supported by MyGov. 

The contest is open for all Indian engineering students pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate & Doctoral degrees with Indian engineering colleges.

Texas Instruments (TI) invites all student innovators, thinkers and makers of the country to join the revolution, who have a dream to create something new, aspire to make a difference, contribute to India’s success towards becoming an Innovation Hub and strengthen Make in India Program.

Give your ideas a jump-start by sculpting your innovation with technical support from Texas Instruments, business mentorship from IIMB, funding and prizes of INR 3.8 crores from DST& TI


Qualifying Round (July 2017 – Nov 2017)

Phase I (Jul 2017 – Sep 2017)

All the participating teams are expected to submit the Participation Form below to enter into the Phase I of the Qualifying Round. The submissions will be reviewed by a panel of domain experts against two categories – Business Potential and Technical Innovationand the shortlisted teams will enter the Phase II of Qualifying Round. The shortlisted teams will be announced by September 30, 2017.

Awards: Participation Certificate from TI & NSRCEL, IIMB (Only for Eligible Proposals)
Phase II (Oct 2017 – Nov 2017)

Qualified teams from Phase I will advance to Phase II and are expected to submit a detailed proposal document. These teams will also be mentored online by experts from IIM Bangalore to prepare their proposal. Teams must submit the proposal by Oct 30th, 2017. The proposals will be reviewed by a panel of experts and the shortlisted teams will enter the quarterfinals of the contest. The shortlisted teams will be announced by November 30, 2017

Awards: Participation Certificate from TI & NSRCEL,IIMB (Only for Eligible Proposals)
Quarter Finals (Dec 2017 – Apr 2018)

Teams entering quarterfinals will be given an opportunity to convert their proposed idea into a hardware prototype. TI will be providing TI tools worth up to USD 200 for each team free of cost. In this round of the contest, teams are expected to create a hardware prototype as a proof of concept of their idea and submit the following by Mar 31, 2018

a. Project report / a technical paper.
b. Video demonstration of their prototype.
The submissions will be reviewed by a panel of experts and shortlist teams will be announced by April 30, 2018

Awards: Participation Certificate from TI & NSRCEL, IIMB
Semi Finals (May 2018 – June 2018)

Shortlisted teams will advance to Semifinals of the India Innovation Challenge. The Semifinalist teams will be invited to the Regional Demonstration and Evaluation event for live demonstration and evaluation of their project. These events will be held in June 2018 and shortlisted teams for Finals will be identified byJune30, 2018.

Awards: Certificate of Excellence from TI & NSRCEL, IIMB 
Cash Prizes from TI for each team
Finals (July 2018 – August 2018)

Each selected team for Finals will receive Product Development Fund from DST for field testing and prototyping. Select finalist teams will be invited to Final Evaluation event in August 2018 and top teams will be selected for Incubation at IIMBangalore. Top teams will receive additional seed fund from DST to launch their startup.

Awards: Certificate of Excellence from TI & NSRCEL, IIMB 
Cash Prizes from TI for each team 
Cash Prize for Best Women team
Funding from DST


Team Leader must follow the below steps to participate

Create an account on MyGov
Go to website and click on the "INDIA INNOVATION CHALLENGE" icon. This will direct you to contest page
On the "INDIA INNOVATION CHALLENGE" contest page, scroll to the participate section and click on “Login to Participate”. Enter the login credentials and you’ll be redirected to home page of website
Click on the "INDIA INNOVATION CHALLENGE" icon AGAIN to be redirected to contest webpage
On the "INDIA INNOVATION CHALLENGE" contest page, scroll towards the end of page to the submission form
You will see ~10 questions with fields to enter your answers
You are advised to fill the answers to the questions with as much detail and specificity as possible. Do NOT provide generic answers
Verify all the fields and your team details before submitting the form. You will not be allowed to make any edits post your submission.
Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email.
For any additional information, you will be contacted via email.
All correspondence shall be through email or SMS on mobile number provided by you at the time of registration. Organizers are not liable in case of SMS/ email delivery failures.
Note: All members of the team must have a MyGov and MyTI account to receive emails from organizers.



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