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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

James Dyson Award 2017

The James Dyson Foundation is an international charity dedicated to encouraging more young people to become design engineers. 
James Dyson Award is an international competition for university students of design, science or engineering disciplines.

Entrants must be, or have been within the last four years, enrolled for at least one semester in an undergraduate or graduate engineering or design program at a university in a country chosen to participate in the James Dyson Award. In the case of team entries, at least one team member must meet the above criteria and register as the team leader. All other members of the team must be, or have been within the last four years, enrolled for at least one semester in an undergraduate or graduate program at a university in a country chosen to participate in the James Dyson Award.

All entrants are required to provide documentation of their student or alumni status. Acceptable documentation includes: transcript, dated schedule of classes, grade report, signed and dated letter from a professor or dean, or a degree certificate. You will be required to provide this documentation during the registration process and can upload a PDF, JPEG or MS Word document.

Entry Guidelines
You can enter as many projects as you want. The winning project is based solely on the merit of the design.
To upload your project, create your profile and provide the following
  • Description of your design – the inspiration behind it, the development process you took, and the overall function of the design. You will need to provide the descriptions in English and your native language (if different to English).
  • Images portraying the development of your design – early sketches, CAD renderings, initial prototypes, and the finished product on a white background. Each image should be at least 1MB but no more than 3MB.
  • A video is strongly recommended, but not essential. The video should be less than 3 minutes and show both the development process of the design and your prototype in action. You will need to upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo first.

The designs that demonstrate a significant and practical purpose, offering real benefits to the end user. Ideas should also be viable – both technically and commercially. The design should include clever yet simple engineering principles that help the design work. Prototypes – working or even initial crude models – help demonstrate the idea and function of the design. Ideally, the design should also have sustainability in mind. 


NATIONAL WINNERS:  $2,500 and James Dyson Award certificate
INTERNATIONAL RUNNERS UP: $6,000 and James Dyson Award certificate
$40,000 to the student or student team
$6,000 for their university department
James Dyson Award certificate


STAGE 1 (July-August)
A panel of design and engineering professionals in each region select the National Winner and finalists.
Once the Award closes for entries, a panel of local judges will select the top 5 projects in each region. Projects will be judged purely on quality of entry – from the significance of the design to the various iterations of the design and how the product has developed. The judges will select one national winner and up to 4 additional entries per region to advance to the next level of the competition.

STAGE 2 (August-September)
Dyson engineers identify the International Top 20 entries.
The 115 entries chosen by local judges move on to a panel of Dyson design engineers who further scrutinise the projects. Dyson engineers look for how well each design answers the brief, concentrating on the commercial viability. The Top 20 entries selected by Dyson engineers will move on to the final round – there will not necessarily be one entry selected from each country.

STAGE 3 (September-October)
James Dyson chooses the international winner.
The Top 20 move on to the final stage – a review by James Dyson. James reviews each entry and determines his favourites, which are then scrutinised by the IP team at Dyson looks at each entry to spot any infringements on third party intellectual property. James then selects the international winner.

Last date: July 20, 2017

Visit https://jamesdysonaward.org for more information

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