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Monday, 12 June 2017

Inclusive India Initiative Competition - "Making a classroom fully inclusive: Attitudes& Resources"

The social model of disability suggests that if a child is not able to learn it is not due to the disability of the child; but due to the school system. It is therefore the responsibility of the school to impart education in such a way that the needs of all the children are met irrespective of their ability. The success of every educational program depends on the quality of the teachers and their attitudes. An inclusive curriculum is the need. Through this initiative, the dilemma of access and equity inherent in education system needs to be addressed. We aim to bring a change in educational institutions by addressing the concerns of policy inclusion and implementation to support the teachers to work in inclusive ways. Inclusion requires teachers to accept the responsibility for creating schools in which all children can learn and feel alike.

Who can participate?
Teachers, Heads, Councilors, School Boards, Policy makers and Administrative staff of schools and colleges from pan-India basis.

Categories of submitting entries:
Article/ Write-up of not more than 500 words.


`1. Your experience in Identifying and accepting the children with disabilities.
2. How have you developed positive attitude between normal and disabled children?
3. Removal of architectural barriers within school so to allow a child to move freely? How much work on this aspect has been done?
4. Preparation/ Adaptation of teaching aids to help the children with disabilities learn better. State with an example.
5. Any collaboration with other stakeholders, like medical, physiological, social works, parent bodies etc. How has this benefited.
6. Importance of Training workshops to sensitize teachers. How many workshops you have attended, share experience.

Competition Timeline: 25th June, 2017

Proposed Prize money:
First prize – Rs. 5,000/-
Second prize- Rs. 3,000/-
Third prize-Rs. 2,000/-

Note: Certificate of Participation will be given to all the entries.

To participate visit and register
Further information click here

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