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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Campus Diaries: Online Story Writing Contest

What happens when friends - both old and new - hangout together? Why is every “gupshup” session filled with stories that start with “Do you remember when..?”

There is something really special about stories borne out of nostalgia. Stories that make you smile, laugh out loud, cry, perhaps even shudder at the narrow escapes.

Here is a chance to showcase such stories & WIN exciting prizes!!


Write down the stories which are set in your school or college days ( in English please, not being snobbish but we really don’t have a judging panel to handle all Indian languages)
They can be based on true life incidents
They can also be figments of your imagination, but set in the school/college framework
Keep it short - around 500 words, lets say?
Once the story is ready, register here and post your story
We want to make your stories the “talk of the town” - so make sure you get your friends to “Like” it here.


First Prize:  15,000
Second Prize:  10,000
Third Prize:  5,000


Last Date for Submission: 10th July 2017
Voting Closes: 17th July 2017
Winner Declaration: 24th July 2017

Click here for further information

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