WORLD GENIUS SEARCH EXAMINATION 2018 - Competitions for Indian Students


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Tuesday, 2 May 2017


World Genius Search Examination - WGSE 2018 will be held across the globe and is open to Grade 1 to 12 of all curricula. It will be extended to Graduate and Post Graduate Level from next academic year.

World Genius Search Examination (WGSE) is the FIRST & ONLY Genius Search / Olympiad Examination accredited by Accreditation Council for International Olympiads (ACFIO).

WGSE result offers two scores – Global Intellectual Index (GII) and Global Percentile Score (GPS). Global Intellectual Index is the most sought after Benchmark score for a wide range of applications.

Schools can register their students now. Students are advised to approach their schools to register for WGSE 2018.

Global Intellectual Index – GII
Global Intellectual Index (GII) is the main and most sought after caliber measurement score awarded to all WGSE participants on a scale of 0 to 9.

From WGSE 2018, the GII will have a detailed report about the strengths and weakness of each participant.


TEST DATE - I : Tue, 26 Sept 2017 CLOSING: Mon, 15 May 2017

TEST DATE - II : Thu, 7 Dec 2017 CLOSING: Wed, 27 Sept 2017

Tue, 30 Jan 2018
Applicable only whe your school cannot conduct WGSE on other 2 dates due to local events or natural calamities.

Results of WGSE 2018 


World Genius Search Examination™ - 2018 (WGSE) is open to all students those who are studying for Grade / Class 1 to 12 under various curricula across the world.

WGSE Syllabus & Pattern

WGSE questions are mainly based on daily life experiences and applications of various Subjects. Success depends on answering them by grasping the underlying concepts.

The questions do not follow a fixed structure or pattern. Students are advised to comprehend instructions for each question before they attempt to answer them.


WGSE Question Paper for Grade / Class 1 - 7 consists of objective questions only. But, question paper for Class 8 and above will have two parts.

PART – I will have Objective Questions and PART – II will have a single subjective question taken from Mathematics or Science.


Students in Class 11 & 12 will have two parts of question papers for WGSE 2018 - PART I & II.

PART - I is compulsory and it is common for Class 11 & 12 irrespective of the optional subject chosen. It comprises of 20 questions from (1) Logic, 10 questions each from (2) Water & Waste Management and (3) General Knowledge.

And under PART – II, the questions will be from the opted subject. Students need to answer 30 MCQs and One Subjective Question (30 + 1 Questions). Part I & II should be completed in 120 minutes.

Registration Fee per student - INR 700/-

How to Apply
Students should approach their own school to register for WGSE 2018.

Click here to visit the website for further information

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