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Saturday, 27 May 2017

National Talent Hunt by Board of Studies, ICAI

National Talent Hunt will be a National level Elocution contest and will be a live event, covered by National Newspapers and Media. Four winners from each Region level will contest at the National Level. The National Talent Hunt will be organized in the month of July along with the Students Conference so as to make it most beneficial for the students.
 In the Final Contest of the National Talent Hunt, three celebrities will be the jury members and would select the best 3 National talents who have reached this level after contesting with more than 1000 peer students to be the National winner. 

The 1st three winners of National Hunt would be awarded the cash prizes of Rs. 31,000/-, Rs.21,000/- and Rs. 11,000/- respectively and 1st two winners will participate in SAFA Elocution Contest.

Structure of the Contest
The search of talented students for National Talent Hunt will be in 3 stages starting from the branches of ICAI. At first level, it will be organized at the Branches and the shortlisted students would be invited to contest at Regional level to be held at all 5 Regions and finally the 1st 20 winners (4 winners from each Region) of Regional level will contest in the National Talent Hunt. The talent of these 20 winners will be well appreciated by giving nationwide publicity such as publishing their photographs in National Newspaper/magazine making them our media partner. These final contestants would also be invited 4-5 days prior to the event and be groomed in various aspects so that they can perform and showcase their talent well during the final Contest.
The Final contest would take place in the month of July. 

Branch Level Contest
Wednesday, 31.05.2017 – 9.30 am onwards

Students’ Eligibility for participating in the National Talent Hunt:
Students registered for Final Course and are undergoing articleship and students registered for Intermediate (Integrated Professional Competence) Course are eligible to participate in the National Talent Hunt. Thus, students who have completed articleship are not eligible to participate.  However, a Contestant who has won the Contest at the Branch Level and later passes the Final examination/ completed articleship shall be eligible to participate in the Regional level and in Final level of National Talent Hunt.

Medium of Elocution contest: The medium would be English. However, if any participant wants to speak in Hinglish, the option may be given.  
Topics for Branch Level Contest conducted by SIRC of ICAI:
The contestant can choose any topic (s) from the list but while choosing the topic, they need
to bear in mind that they are thorough in that topic as they will be cross questioned to
which they should be able to answer.
1. Effects of Replacement of textbooks with Ipads or elearning Modules.
2. Ways of improving India’s Rank in Ease of Doing Business.
3. How technology has transformed auditing.
4. Roadmap for implementation of Ind AS by different regulatory bodies.
5. Schedule II and III: A shift towards better accounting and reporting.
6. Impact of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ in the tech world.
7. Integrated reporting leading to better governance.
8. Recent initiatives of Government on good Governance. 

Duration to each contestant:
Each contestant will be given twelve minutes time – a warning bell will ring at the end of the tenth minute, signaling the contestant to conclude the discussion in another two minutes.
Duration of the event:
If the number of contestants is more and cannot be completed in one day, the Contest could be held for two days also.
Criteria for evaluation of performance:
Evaluation will be based on the coverage of the subject matter, language command, capacity to engage the audience etc.
The following criteria may be taken into account while evaluating the performance of the participants:
 1. Lucidity of language 10 marks
 2. Style of delivery 10 marks
 3. Capacity to engage the attention of the audience 10 marks
 4. Precision of expression 10 marks
5. Depth of coverage of the subject matter including
 reference to latest developments in the concerned area 50 marks
 6. Adherence to time limit 10 marks
 Total 100 marks
(As against point No. 5, 20 marks are allotted to power point presentation and 10 marks for the ability of the contestant to respond to the questions posed to him.)
A three-member panel of judges will evaluate the performance of the contestants. Decision of the judges will be final. 

How to participate in the Branch Level Contest organized by SIRC of ICAI @ ICAI Bhawan, Chennai:
Interested Students fulfilling the above eligibility criteria may send their details viz. Name, Student Registration Number, Course currently pursued, details of articleship, if undergone and the topic chosen for the Branch level contest by email to
For other branches send email to the branches concerned. The 45 branches are the following
Kanchipuram District
West Godavari District

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