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Thursday, 3 May 2018


CCCC is an inter-school, national-level crossword solving contest which Extra-C has been organising since 2013. 

Crosswords are a unique way to learn while having fun. Solving crossword clues benefits students in many ways. It equips them with a formidable vocabulary, power of reasoning, lateral thinking and an ability to draw quick inferences. Above all, it imparts a feeling of personal achievementand builds self-confidence. All these are a sine qua non of carving out a bright career in a job market which is becoming competitive by the day.

In the past, the contest has been held in association with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). For the current year’s edition, CCCC 2017, KendriyaVidyalayaSangathan (KVS) and NavodayaVidyalayaSamiti (NVS) have associated with Extra-C to carry out the exercise.

Benefits of CCC
·         Improves logical reasoning
·         Enhances vocabulary
·         Strengthens memory
·         Stimulates problem solving skills
·         Sharpens focus and concentration
·         Promotes lateral thinking and creativity
·         Provides a sense of accomplishment
·         Power to draw inferences
·         It’s learning with fun
·         Creates a desire to explore knowledge

Who can participate

The contest is open to students of class IX-XII studying in schools affiliated to any of the recognised boards in the country. 

Contest Structure

CCCC 2018 will comprise two phases.

In Phase I (July-September), City Rounds will be conducted in select cities and towns as per Annexure-I. The names of venue schools will be intimated later.They will also  be uploaded on Schools from cities and towns in the vicinity of the venue city may also participate. The participating  schools can send a two-student team to the venue to appear in an hour-long written test. The host school is allowed to send two teams.
We are hopeful of the President of India, Hon’ble Shri Ram Nath Kovind, to launch this year’s edition with the first City Round in New Delhi on July 10, 2018.
The exercise for each City Round follows a standard schedule. On-the-spot registration begins at 10 am which goes on till 11 am. The written test duration is from 11 am to 12 noon. Evaluation, announcement of result and prize distribution take another hour. Schools are also advised to register online on well before the test date for each City Round. A school team has to be accompanied by a teacher in-charge.
In Phase II (November-December), the winning teams from the City Rounds converge on the national capital for a three-day Grand Finale which comprises a written quarter-final, four onstage semi-finals and the onstage final. 


The top teams are eligible for prizes and certificates.
National winners: Rs 25,000 to the team; National Crossword Champion trophy; and certificates
Runners-up: Rs 15,000 to the team; trophies; and certificates
2nd Runners-up: Rs 10,000 to the team; trophies; and certificates
City Round winners receive trophies, certificates and free trip and stay in New Delhi during the Grand Finale

All participants, both at the City Round and Grand Finale levels, receive certificates.

The members of teams from outside the National Capital Region (NCR) qualifying for the Grand Finale will be reimbursed to and fro Sleeper class train fare. Local stay, food and local transport to the venue and back will be provided by the organisers. The facilities extend to teachers in-charge.

1 10.07.2018 NEW DELHI 
2 11.07.2018 NOIDA
3 11.07.2018 GHAZIABAD 
4 11.07.2018 GURGAON
5 16.07.2018 PATNA 
6 16.07.2018 RANCHI 
7 16.07.2018 DARBHANGA 
8 18.07.2018 GAYA 
9 18.07.2018 MUZAFFARPUR
10 18.07.2018 JAMSHEDPUR 
11 20.07.2018 BOKARO 
12 23.07.2018 BHAGALPUR 
13 23.07.2018 RAMGARH CANTT 
14 24.07.2018 DEOGHAR 
15 24.07.2018 LUCKNOW 
16 24.07.2018 HYDERABAD 
17 26.07.2018 VARANASI
18 26.07.2018 BANGALORE 
19 26.07.2018 GOPALGANJ 
20 30.07.2018 BHOPAL 
21 30.07.2018 MUMBAI
 22 30.07.2018 ALLAHABAD
23 01.08.2018 INDORE
 24 01.08.2018 NAVI MUMBAI
25 03.08.2018 PUNE
26 07.08.2018 CHENNAI
27 08.08.2018 COIMBATORE
28 10.08.2018 ERNAKULAM
 29 16.08.2018 GUWAHATI
30 18.08.2018 KOLKATA
31 20.08.2018 BHUBANESWAR
32 27.08.2018 JAMMU
33 28.08.2018 LUDHIANA
34 28.08.2018 RAIPUR
35 30.08.2018 CHANDIGARH
36 03.09.2018 SHIMLA
 37 03.09.2018 VADODARA
38 04.09.2018 DEHRADUN
39 04.09.2018 SURAT
40 07.09.2018 AHMEDABAD

The registration by schools may be done till June 30, 2018

Books for Preparation


Interactive Crossword on The Hindu (A very good resource)

For further information and registration visit (The information will be updated on the website soon!)

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