6th All India Art Competition for School Children - Competitions for Indian Students


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Thursday, 25 May 2017

6th All India Art Competition for School Children

ARTinfoINDIA.COM announced Colours of National Symbols as theme for 6th All India Art Competition for School Children. This is to depict our love and concern for National Symbols through paintings and drawings. This is a one of its kind opportunity to discover the latent talent of budding and upcoming generation through their sincere and creative thoughts about nation.

Salient features 
a) 1 Gold Award, 1 Silver Award, 1 Bronze Award and 5 Commended Awards on every 100 Paintings
b) Certificate for all the Participants
c) Exhibition of Selected 300 Paintings at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
d) Awarded and Meritorious 500 Paintings on website for ever

Theme: Colours of National Symbols - It is necessary to include at least one national symbol in the artworks made or combination of two three even more, but not necessary to include all symbols in one artwork, apart from that, the children have the liberty to paint any things using National Symbols.

Medium: Drawing, Painting, Collage (Paper only)
(Do not Paste 3D material on artwork)

Participation fee (Individual Participant) : Rupees 200/- (Two Hundred only) Per Entry.
Participation fee (Group Participant) : Rupees 100/- (One Hundred only) Per Entry.
For Group Participation minimum entries must be 11 (including all groups) and maximum 50 in each group

Categories (Groups):
Group A   Preparatory Classes
Group B   I to II Grade
Group C   III to IV Grade
Group D   V to VI Grade
Group E   VII to VIII Grade
Group F   IX to X Grade

Requirements of the competitive part:
The competition is open for children of preparatory classes to grade X.
The size of the artwork could be
A3 (420 mm x 297 mm)
A4 (297 mm x 210 mm)
and paper of Standard Sketch Book.
Entries must be on paper.

School / Hobby Centres / Group Kindly follow these steps

Download Group Registration Form http://artinfoindia.com/download.php fill it and send along with artworks.
A consolidate E-Transfer, Cheque, Bank Draft may be issued for all the participants from same institution.
​Cheque/Bank Draft in favor of ARTinfoINDIA.COM

Labeling the Entries (Group Participation)
Every entry must have the following information at the back of the artwork:
a) Name of Participant
b) Category (Group)
c) Participation Fee Ref. No (Cheque/Draft No., E Transfer No.)
d) Rubber Stamp of the Institute

Please do not send multiple cheque of Rs. 100/- (Entries with cheque of Rs 100/- shall be disqualified)

Individuals Kindly follow these steps
Download Individual Entry Form, fill it and paste on the back side of artwork

BUY E-TICKET at the sites mentioned on the organiser's website
Label the entries and send it

AWARDS and Prizes

All India Level Award and Prizes : 8 Medal and Award Certificate for every 100 paintings
1 Gold Award
1 Silver Award
1 Bronze Award
5 Commended Award

Medal & Certificate of Merit shall be given to the children whose works are selected for the exhibition. Participation Certificate to all the participants.
ARTinfoINDIA.COM will publish Award winning and Meritorious paintings on website :

For more information click here

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