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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

KCA National Award Contest

A competition that provide an excellent opportunity for students to apply their imagination & lesion from the art classroom to a real world situation and create a new pieces of art and design, In the world of famous painter Pablo Picasso “Everything you can imagine is real” The imagination in the brain can be brought to paper only with the power of art. KCA organized event for children with a view to provide them a platform where they can display their talents and skills. Our intention is to take willing participation from students. This kind of participation will make them understand how to seize an opportunity whenever it knocks their doors. This event is being conducted for schools purely on voluntary basis only and KCA expect that the student will also participate voluntarily in the competition 

Drawing & Painting
For National Artist Contest
  • Art work should be send by post/courier at the participant’s own expense.
  • Children of category 1 & 2 will color the given picture and Category from 3 to 7 Children can choose one topic from North, East, West and South Category and draw and paint accordingly
  • Children can draw; paint and color at home or in school and only A3 size sheet should be used.
  • In the preliminary contests, there will be at total of 140 winners from 4 competitions (i.e 35 winners in each of 4 competitions North, East, West  & South Art Drawing & Painting competition)
  • The winner of these preliminary contests only will participate in the KCA National Award contest, Planned to be held in Nagpur on Saturday, 8th July, 2017

The name of the winner of these preliminary contests will be announced on Wednesday, 31st May 2017 by SMS, WhatsApp or Email to participants as well as in School.

Vocal, Muso, Dance
National Vocalist (Singing) Contest, National Muso Contest (Musical Instrument) and National Dance Contest (Dancer)

  • Participants must choose one topic, record the performance on Video & Send the video recording of their performance ( Singing, Musical Insturment or Dance) saved in the form of a file on a CD/Pen Drive to KCA.
  • The last date of submission of entries is Saturday 22nd April 2017
  • The CD/Pen Drive Should be send by Post /Courier at Participants’ Own Expense.
  • A Participant can send one entry in One CD/Pen Drive i.e One Video file should be sent with only one CD/Pen Drive by one Participant.
  • All CDs/Pen Drives should be clearly labelled with the participants name and performance name ( Song, Music or Dance)
  • The preliminary contest final winner can sumbit their performance CD/Pen drive on the day of competition and also have a back up CD/Pen drive on hand.
  • The CD/Pen drive must be compatible with all media sources.
  • The participants can bring their own musical instruments for the contest.
  • In case a participant is participating on more than one contest, entry sould be send on separate CDs/ Pen drives. In preliminary contest, there will be a total of 21 winner for the Vocalist contest, 21 winner for the Muso Contest & 21 winner for the dance contest, (i.e 3 winner from each category)
  • The winner of these preliminary contests only will participate in the KCA National Award Contest, planned to be held in Nagpur on 8 July 2017
  • The name of the winner of these preliminary contests will be announced on Wednesday, 31st May 2017 by SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail to participants as well as in schools

Finality of Judges’ Decision
Each performance (except Drawing & Painting) will be evaluated on the basis of the following :-

  • Technique
  • Creativity/Originality
  • Co-ordination/Synchronization
  • Stage Presence/Execution of performance
  • Attire/Costume
  • Overall performance
A panel of highly qualified competent judges will judge all the performances. They will make prompt and fair decisions, which will be final and will not be subjected to review. All the participants, teachers and parents will accept the decisions of the judges as final.

1 Nursery
2 KG-I & KG II
3 Class- I & II
4 Class – III & IV
5 Class V&VI
6 Class VII & VIII
7 Class IX & X

Registration fee: Rs. 500/-
Last Date to Submit Entry Form - 22nd April , 2017 

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