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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Design a Poster; Create a Logo and a Slogan for World Oral Health Day 2017

About NOHP

This programme was launched to prevent, control and manage effectively, the burden of oral diseases in India. This comprehensive programme aims to make oral health services accessible, affordable and sustainable with onus on oral health promotion and disease prevention for good general health and well being.

Centre for Dental Education and Research-AIIMS
In addition to providing state of the art dental services, the Centre for Dental Education and Research, AIIMS also serves as the nodal agency and has been designated as the National Centre of Excellence for the implementation of the NOHP.

How the centre does it?
• The centre monitors the activities of the NOHP and convenes innumerable training activities, workshops and orientation programmes for dentists, auxiliary personnel, school teachers and health workers of other National health programmes in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to achieve the mandate of the NOHP.
• Development of Information, Education and Communication materials for the promotion of oral health and training of the oral health man power and various health personnel are also done at the centre.
• Development of various training manuals for Oral health manpower and allied health personnel is done by the experts at the centre.
• Besides, the centre also conducts research activities that contribute to achieving the mandate of the programme. These include development of cost effective diagnostic and treatment methods, surveys that give an oral health profile of the various districts and States in India.
• Experimental research activities testing tools that can help in a faster assessment of the dental condition of individuals and population groups are also done at the centre.

What is expected from you

You are required to design a poster and/or a logo and/or a write a slogan for the NOHP.
The theme is “Brush Your Way to Health”
• The poster, logo and the slogan should be relevant to Oral Health and should be based on the theme specified.
• The poster should be usable on our website/ social media such as twitter, Facebook and on printed material such as b/w press releases, stationery and signage

The slogan
• Has to be based on the theme specified
• Has to be submitted in MSWord / JPEG/PNG/PDF/TIFF format

The Logo
• Participants should upload the Logo in JPEG/ JPG/ PNG/ SVG format only.
• Logo should be designed in colour.
• The size of the logo may vary from 5cm*5cm to 60cm*60cm in either portrait or landscape.

Last Date- May 20,2017

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