Wednesday, 12 April 2017

 Amrita University is organizing Amrita InCTF Junior, an online Capture the Flag style contest specifically designed to introduce cyber security awareness and training in high school students.

CTFs (Abbreviation for Capture The Flag) are a type of computer security competition. Contestants are presented with a set of challenges which test their creativity, technical (and googling) skills, and problem-solving ability. Challenges usually cover a number of categories, and when solved, each yields a string (called a flag) which is submitted to an online scoring service. CTFs are a great way to learn a wide array of computer security skills in a safe, legal environment, and are hosted and played by many security groups around the world for fun and practice.


  • Any school students studying in Class IX to XII in India
The online challenges will begin from 17th April 2017

How to Prepare
The challenges from the previous round of InCTFj are accessible. The detailed solutions to these challenges will be put up later on. New users can use these solutions to learn as the challenges for this round might cover similar concepts as well. It might also be helpful to learn a bit of programming in languages such as C, Python, Javascript and HTML.

 Reverse engineering, Binary exploitation, Web exploitation, Cryptography, Forensics and Trivia.

For complete information and registration please visit


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