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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Ecole Intuit Lab - ART CONTEST "HANDS"

Ecole Intuit Lab announces its annual image competition "HANDS" in partnership with WACOM.

The school aims to reward and applaud the skill set of young aspiring designers. The contest is simultaneously held in France at the Paris and Aix-en-Provence campuses.

Draw out your original interpretation of the theme "HANDS"

Last date of entry: 24th February, 2017

Prize Distribution: 07th April, 2017

The competition is opened to all students studying in Grade X, XI and XII

- The candidate must submit an original illustration
- This artwork will represent a personal view of the subject 'Hand/Hands'
- The thought process can encompass different perspectives like
       - Hands as an extension of oneself
       - A medium of greeting, means of communication
       - A technical body
       - Sensitivity or tactile
- Whatever angle you choose (anatomical, symbolic, utility), your interpretation of hands can be SYMBOLIC or REALISTIC or both
- The project must have a TITLE, which helps us understand the meaning behind your             illustration
- Freedom of technique: black & white or coloured, all mediums allowed; collage, crayons,   gouache, inks, oils, chalks, etc. (scans or photos of the project sent by mail are also accepted)
The students are advised to follow the formats specified below:

Minimum size - A3 (50 x 32.5cm), maximum size A2 (50 x 65cm).
Resolution (your choice).

According to the specified format (if smaller than the minimum size, paste the work on a correct sized paper).

Compressed JPEG file.
Image size: 50 x 32.5cm OR 2953 x 1968 px OR 150 dpi.
The candidate should choose the most suitable type of format and medium to express his project in the best possible manner.

The competition winners will be announced on 7th April, 2017.
The proze money will be awarded by the juries assigned consisting of:
     01. 1st Prize: 25,000/- + Wacom Tablet (INTUOS Art, Pen & Touch)
     02. 2nd Prize: 15,000/- + Wacom Tablet (One by Wacom Medium)
     03. 3rd Prize: 10,000/- + Wacom Tablet (One by Wacom Small)

Each candidate should submit their artwork by 24th February, 2017 to the Ecole Intuit.Lab Mumbai institute

Send your Digital artwork via email:
Or send the hard copy of the art twork via courier/handover
       Ecole Intuit lab Education
       DGP House, 4th Floor
       88C, Old Prabhadevi Road
       Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400025 INDIA
       Ph. No: +91-22-65346822
       Mob. no: +91-9819744096

Entry form should be filled and send along with art work.
Click here for details and entry form

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