YUVASASTRA 2018–19 - TALENT SEARCH IN SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS - Competitions and Contests for Indian Students

Monday, 5 November 2018


Nucleus, The Centre of Science in asosciation with the leading national News Paper, The Hindu, is organising YUVASASTHRA -2018-19 - a seach for young talents in Science and Mathematics now studying in Class X.

A. Submit the application online - Instructions:
1. Visit www.yuvasastra.com and submit the application online as per the instructions before 29.11.2018.
2. Fill up all the 3 sections viz, A. Personal Details, B. General Details and C. Contact Details of the application form carefully and accurately. Leave space between different parts of your name and initials if any.
3. After filling all the fields enter the submit button
4. The student will receive a confirmation SMS after successful submission of the online application in the Registered Mobile Number.
5. If you are opting the submission of application online, NEVER submit offline application and vice versa.
B. Submit the application offline - Instructions:
1. Get the printed application form along with the printed instructions from school authorities or from Nucleus office directly. The student can also download the Application Form directly from www.yuvasastra.com. Read the instructions carefully before filling the application form.
2. If you are opting the submission of application offline NEVER submit online application and vice versa.
3. Fill up all the 3 sections viz, A. Personal Details, B. General Details and C. Contact Details of the application form carefully, neatly and accurately. Leave a box between different parts of your name and initials if any.
4. Question paper is available in 2 languages. Specify your choice of language in the application form.
5. Fill the application form appropriately as instructed and submit the completed application form to the teacher in charge (before 25.11.2018) or to the Nucleus Office directly (before 27.11.2018).
6. The student will receive a confirmation SMS between 28 th and 30th of Nov.2018 in the Registered Mobile Number.
C. After getting the confirmation SMS:
1. The student will receive a second SMS when the Admission Ticket is ready to download (between 28th Nov and 1
st of Dec.2018). After receiving the SMS the student can visit www.yuvasastra.com and download the
Admission Ticket. Get it printed, affix A RECENT COLOUR PASSPORT SIZE PHOTOGRAPH (taken
within last 6 months) on the box specified. The student as well as the guardian/parent should sign on the specified
columns of the Admission Ticket. Signature of the student and the parent are mandatory on the
2. No student will be allowed to write the examination without a COMPLETE ADMISSION TICKET.
3. Part I (Attendance Slip) of the Admission Ticket will be collected by Nucleus officials at the exam hall and
Part II will be returned to the student for future reference.
D. General Instructions:
1. Exam will be held at Palakkad on Sunday 2
nd December 2018. The student shall report at the exam venue
on time as instructed in the Admission Ticket. Late comers will not be allowed to attend the test.
2. The questions will be based on science subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology) of 8th,9th and 10th syllabus (State as well as CBSE).
3. Question paper will be in the form of a sealed booklet printed either in English or in Malayalam. There will be 120 questions available in P, Q, R and S series.
4. For each questions, find the MOST APPROPRIATE answer from the 4 options provided and mark
accordingly on the Optical Response Sheet.
5. Each right answer carries 3 marks. 1 mark will be deducted (Negative Mark) for each incorrect answer.
If more than one option is marked, it will ATTRACT NEGATIVE MARK. No mark will be given for
unanswered questions. Maximum marks will be 360.
6. The student shall come with writing pad, Admission Ticket and ball point pen. He/she should retain Part
II of the Admission Ticket after the exam for future references.
7. Students are directed to use BLACK/BLUE BALL POINT PENS ONLY for marking answers on the
Optical Response-Sheet. Use of any other type of pen or pencil will lead to disqualification/such Optical
Response Sheets will be treated invalid.
8. No student is allowed to leave the exam hall before the completion of the exam hours.
9. The student should write the Booklet Series Code (BSC) in the specified column of the Optical Response Sheet, failing which will lead to disqualification/such Optical Response-Sheets will be treated invalid.
10. Use the area provided in the question paper for rough works. Other papers or books will NOT BE
PERMITTED inside the exam hall.
11. Mobile phone/smart phone/calculator or any other electronic equipments are NOT permitted inside the exam hall.
12. Do not change the marked answers. Since there are negative marks, double check the answer before marking the same on the Optical Response-Sheet.
13. Student should not misbehave with the officials engaged in examination duty. They should not commit any
sort of malpractice or any unfair means during the course of the examination. Any such incidents will lead to
disqualification of the student.
E. Announcement of Results:
1. The list of the winners will be published on or before 15.12.2018. Complete result will be available at www.yuvasastra.com and www.nucleus4science.org. The total Prize for the winners of Yuvasastra will be scholarships worth Rs. 55 Lakhs†
The details of Prize for the winners of Yuvasastra 2018-19 are as follows.
Rank 1: Scholarship worth Rs. 75,000.00†
Rank 2: Scholarship worth Rs. 60,000.00†
Rank 3: Scholarship worth Rs. 50,000.00†
Rank 4 – 20: Scholarships worth Rs. 40,000.00† each
Rank 21 – 50: Scholarships worth Rs. 30,000.00†each
Rank 51 – 100: Scholarships worth Rs. 25,000.00†each
Rank 101 – 200: Scholarships worth Rs. 20,000.00†each
There will be scholarship† of Rs. 10000.00 for all students* who secure full A+/A1 in Std X Board Exam.
2. In case of any tie, the student who get minimum number of negative marks will be considered as winner. If again there occurs a tie, the prize will be shared equally.
3. Participation certificate will be distributed to all the participants.
4. The prize distribution ceremony of Yuvasastra will be held in December 2018/ January 2019, the details of which will be informed by SMS to the winners and all the participants.

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