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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Seventh Kerala Bala Krishi Sastra Congress - Projects Invited from School Students

Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA) in association with Agri Friends Krishi Samskarika Vedi is organizing the Seventh Kerala Bala Krishi Sastra Congress on 10th & 11th  January 2017 at Jawahar Bala Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram.The programs are structured to generate an interest in a child’s mind, the love for agriculture and respect for the science. . In Seventh Agri Science Congress we insist on the very doctrines that were forgotten over the years to make the world sustainable for all living beings.

Participation in Kerala Bala Krishi Sastra Congress is open to  students from aided and unaided schools, CBSE, ICSE and also vocational schools
As many as 100 research papers prepared by children from various schools in the state will be selected for presentation and around 1000 delegates will attend the Congress.
Awards, mementoes and certificates are issued to the various participants in the order of merit as assessed by an expert panel for every respective component.

The congress includes research paper presentation, exhibition, cultural events and various competitions including documentary film festival.
Presentation of  project work
In the presentation of Project work, a team of  maximum 5 students under the guidance of a project guide will  present the results of a novel study done in the area of agriculture by them . This will be a team presentation by students only. (7 minutes allotted for paper presentation and 3 minutes for interaction)
Thematic Research Paper Presentation
Students can present research paper based on survey or experimentation model. They can use the methods of observation of survey check list, experimentation, comparative analysis, quality improvement studies, etc. The paper must carry details of the data collection method, observation, special problems encountered during the study and solutions to the problems, if any.
The report must include any specific campaigns carried out by the student(s) with proper appendix. Students are advised to include posters, charts, samples, models etc for making presentations more effective.
Regional Farming Studies
Every geographic region will have its own specialities. The students can make a study of the farming in a specific region, find out the region-specific issues with their observations, experimentations and important analytical inferences etc.
School Farming
Nowadays schools are becoming pioneers in farming practices in the school compound. Students can make a report of the studies carried out in their school with the details of their activities, involvement of the students, their observations, problems encountered with the solutions arrived at.
My Farming
An individual or as a group they can present the paper based on the farming related activities of the students carried out by them. This will not include the farming activities in the schools.

Last date: 22 December 2016

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